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he got hammered. Look at the eye. Heart sure I didnt say he didnt have heart. He is one of my favorite fighters. I didnt say he got the crap beat out of him, just that he got hammered. I dont know what he is going to do now with that being his last fight in strikeforce. M1 has a contract with showtime to do 4 shows in I think 2011-2012. So Fedors gym will have fighters shown in the US. Which is the one thing that he really wanted from the UFC. The rest seemed to be what his manager wanted. Fedor once said that he would have signed fine with the UFC if they would have ensured his fighters could fight there also. But Dana was against it, well rumor has it that Fedors manager gave White the creeps as far as syndicate backing. Imagine White getting the creeps, usual people say that about him to them.

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