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Bold word = Skin Cancer. The ionosphere filters most of the UVA and UVB. Our own skin sebum protects us from the sun.




2097, congrats on being educated about anti-depressants

Now back to the disagreement:

Natural sunlight is potentially more dangerous than pure UVB/A from tanning beds, because of x-rays, beta, and gamma ... if you wear really concerned about skin cancer caused by the sun you should know about that already.

Your body will protect itself from cancer given a whole foods, plant based diet with adequate vitamin D. source: the china study

Given the fact that despite all ancient mummies from 10,000 years ago have no cancer in them...


and that these people spent all day in the sun with a natural diet despite having signs of severe anaemia and hemolytic disorders...


I really don't want to embarrass anyone else in this thread, but if you insist I will just start citing more sources, peer reviewed studies and references... spare yourself the grief of looking silly online !

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As I've said a few posts before: If my depression had to do with a Vitamin D deficiency, it should be gone during the summer, when I spend a lot of time outside. Also, I am taking Vitamin D in the winter together with my B12.


I am aware of the risks of antidepressants. And yes, especially with the one I take, the risk for suicide within the first weeks of treatment with those under 25 is increased. But that's why I go to the psychiatrist regularly, and also have the opportunity to go there additionally whenever I feel the need to.


I appreciate the information you've shared, but since I don't have seasonal depression, I don't see tanning as a possible solution.

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I've never needed sunscreen and never will. I don't shower with soap either because it damages the skin flora. Eating 811 and exercising. I don't develop body odor and dandruff.


I actually believe if a child is exposed at a young age to the sun; the child will develop strong skin flora.


Why aren't we seeing skin cancer in other animals?


People get skin cancer from eating foods high in Lauric Acid and Myristic Acid and showering highly with synthetic soap which are known to kill P. Acnes beneficial bacteria that keeps harmful skin bacteria at bay.


We kill our beneficial bacteria and then think...why did I get skin cancer? Too much backwards thinking!


Antitumor Activity of P. Acnes: http://cancerres.aacrjournals.org/content/37/11/4150.full.pdf


That's right! Avoid petro-chemical derived cosmetic products if possible. I only use natural soap. Sunscreen actually will give you cancer rather than protect you.

Also on the subject of good bacteria, a natural birth vs c-section... natural births provide the flora required to develop healthy gut bacteria to fight off degenerative and auto-immune diseases, while c-section births have been linked to more problems in life (can't get too specific here until I look up original article )

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As I've said a few posts before: If my depression had to do with a Vitamin D deficiency, it should be gone during the summer, when I spend a lot of time outside. Also, I am taking Vitamin D in the winter together with my B12.


But it's the winter, and you're still depressed. Not to mention you're willfully ignoring the wide array of studies and data that overwhelmingly shows links between sun exposure and mental health benefits. For someone who's desperate for solutions, and yet you're not exploring all the avenues available to you, is in a way a sign of mental illness.


Synthetic vitamin D cannot be absorbed by the body at the large requirements one requires when there is a nutrient/vitamin/mineral/hormone deficiency going on (which is all depression is really) and UV radiation exposure in amounts that don't cause you to sunburn will produce 4-5 times the amount of vitamin D that is considered unsafe to take orally.

In comparison, full-body sunbathing for a period of time that will just make you turn pink will produce 10,000-20,000 IU of vitamin D, equivalent to 100 to 200 glasses of fortified milk. Given such copious production, relatively casual sun exposure (arms, etc) should meet vitamin-D needs.
The importance of solar-produced vitamin D was underscored in a study that evaluated vitamin-D status in a submarine crew after two months of acute sun deprivation. Although the crew consumed a vitamin-D fortified diet, their levels of this nutrient plummeted.


Vitamin D can be toxic if too much is consumed from supplements or mistakenly over-fortified foods. However, prolonged sun exposure does not generate toxic vitamin-D levels due to the body’s feedback regulatory mechanisms.




Furthermore, what I'm reading from that webpage is again backed up and sourced in The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell

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No need to get an article...Before birth, Beneficial bacteria wait at the entrance/exit of the vagina for the baby to come out where the baby gets coated in bacteria when it comes out.


Bacteria are very intelligent and know what their role is.


Outside chemicals are bad but also foods that we ingest kill skin flora from the inside out.


Other than Lauric Acid and Myristic Acid fatty acids that kill beneficial skin flora. Citric acid...aka unripe oranges kill bacteria under the armpits = body odor...I avoid oranges since they've been picked too early. The citric acid in oranges metabolizes after the orange has made its seeds. Safety mechanism of the orange.


Also if you shave your underarms or even better get electrolysis, the odor causing bacteria that accumulate in the long underarm hairs will have no place to hang out anymore

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No need to get an article...Before birth, Beneficial bacteria wait at the entrance/exit of the vagina for the baby to come out where the baby gets coated in bacteria when it comes out.


So is the solution to this to smear c-section babies in the entrance/exit of the vagina of the birth mother for good measure ? Strictly staying in the scientific camp here...

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Well yes.. It is winter and I am still battling depression. But it was the same way during summer. And the summers and winters before. Seasons don't affect that.


It's a sign of a mental illness? Well Depression is a mental illness so I guess I have several signs of mental illness.


I've read The China Study and found a lot of useful information in it! It's not a new book to me.

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To make a long story short, I'll need to take antidepressants again. (I've been in psychotherapy for 9 months now, I've tried alternatives. I wish I didn't have to take them, but I'm afraid I have no other choice. At least for a short amount of time.)


Now, the problem is: I know that there's animal testing for medication, and that the pills themselves will probably not be vegan either.


OK, some of you might want to leave a comment at this point saying, that health is more important than being 100% vegan (which is impossible anyway, imo).

Well I think so too, and it's easy to say so, but I feel bad about it, and that's definitely not going to help me.


So what are your thoughts on this?

I don't mean to start a discussion here about antidepressants are good or bad, or even work or do not work. What I want to know is:

How do you handle situations like this, when you need to do something, but there's no vegan option? What thoughts are helping you?


I'm currently on 40mg Citalopram and 10mg Olanzapine daily. I take them last thing before I go to bed.

I started taking this medication in June 2008. I stopped taking them of my own accord in February 2009 – I wasn’t getting much in the way of support from my GP and I just had this feeling that I didn’t want to be taking drugs. Well, I went really downhill after that.

I started taking the medication again in October 2009 so that’s well over a year now, and I was living in a different area, where my GP was much more supportive and arranged sessions with a psychiatrist for free.

I feel so much more stable than before. It's incredible.

It's tempting to come off them, since my life is much less stressful and more stable than before, but I have been diagnosed with Bi-polar affective disorder, or as I call it manic depression.

Looking back on my whole life (I’m 27 this year), it is clear to me that I am manic depressive.

As I said it’s tempting to come off the drugs and just keep up with the diet and exercise. Why come off them? Well, are they toxic? Do I need them still or can I deal with it without them? Do they have long-term side-effects such as less efficient metabolism? What’s the effect on longevity and long-term health?

Back to your question – don’t feel bad about it. They are extremely effective – as I said I’ve been on the above dosage for nearly 15 months and have been enjoying life.

A couple of months ago I saw my GP and we agreed to try 5mg Olanzapine instead of 10mg. Well, it coincided with a stressful situation at work and I felt anxious. I think it would be good to try cutting down again now that I’m more settled in my current job.

I have a dream of travelling the world teaching English as a foreign language. I’d especially like to go to Thailand.

Well, if I’m abroad I won’t be able to get the meds so that’s one reason I’d like to be able to live without them in the future.

But I’d say take them for as long as you need to until you think things are stable enough to try gradually coming off them again.


Keep us posted of your thoughts/progress.

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is that comment not uncalled for ?


There's been a recent long-running "battle" of theories vs. science going on with no shortage of name-calling on numerous sides. I don't usually go that route, but some very egotistical things have been said recently by 2097 that don't sit well with me, and it got the best of me in this case.


2097 - Nobody said to "limit you" in any way. You're a human of your own free will, you can do as you please.Your choice to avoid anything that contradicts with your theories that have no real evidence of being correct is your limitation, and that is 100% self-imposed. I'd actually be interested in your personal "theories" of how the human body works if you presented any facts beyond your personal opinions that are often in complete contradiction of science. But to keep saying "I theorize this opinion made without study to be factual" isn't helping your case.


And, for the record, not everyone "crazy" is genius, and not all genius is "crazy". But, carry on with your theories, nobody's going to stop you, but do not be surprised that when you say things that are only existing in your head and have never been proven in any way, you WILL be called out for it. And no, we won't accept that you're beyond what we mere mortals are capable of thinking, we here in the real world expect some degree of proof before believing what anyone on a message board says they "think" is the truth.

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