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Shoulder Press Form

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I'm confused about the shoulder press.


Do I hold the bar in front of or behind my head? I find the latter option easier to do. I tried 10kg front and back and having the bar behind my head is way easier, I didn't pant as much. :P I do mine seated. But which is best for the shoulders and reduces risk of injury?



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I'd suggest doing them to the front as well. They CAN be done behind the head, but without having adequate shoulder strength and flexibility in place to start with, doing them behind can give a greater chance of injury.


It's sometimes more comfortable behind the head as the bar moves in a straighter path than from the front, but I wouldn't recommend it until you've got more time lifting behind you and have a solid base to reduce the chances of injuring your shoulder. Any time that the weights could drift backward away from you is a chance for things to go wrong, so that's why pressing in the front where it's easier to maintain control with optimal stability is the better bet!

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