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Hello from Massachusetts!


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Hi.... I'm Jon. I'm 32 years old. I started transitioning to an vegetarian diet when I was 18, in hopes that it would help with the intestinal issues that I was having at that time. I became vegan when I was 21 and shortly after, all my digestive issues went away.


I became involved in the sport of cycling at a young age, picked up on running about 2 years ago... thanks to my partner Heather, and this past year took on my first triathlon. I'm currently training for my first marathon.... and hoping it goes well. I'm trying to incorporate some strength training over the winter as well.


I'm looking forward learning from all of you.... as well as sharing any advice I may have.



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Thanks for the warm welcome guys!


I hit up Mass a couple of times a year. Great place!


Robert- Whenever you're in Mass, let me know. Both Heather and I would love to meet you.

This is a great site. I don't know how you keep up with everything... between training, eating, posting in the forum, twitter, interviews, writing, traveling, promotions, and your work with Vega. It's very motivating!

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