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K’s eternal struggle

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this is going to be my kind of training journal. I’ve been vegan for some time now and feel like improving my diet, lose some gut and get a bit stronger. I’m planing to do exercises according to Olivier Lafay’s training program, without equipment. I’ll try to find how exercises look like. My first fitness goal is to make a series of proper pull–ups...


Regarding food:

I’m doing my best to eat according to Thrive Diet book, and I’m really happy with that. Even though it’s not the cheapest way to eat. Obviously my schedule is quite full and I find it difficult not to eat–out. I am quite lucky, because I have nice places where I can get hold of decent foods. I know i should be eating more fruit and green veggies. But everything will come gradually. At least I hope so... Any suggestions are welcome!


Today was my first day of training...


Day: 1, week: 1

10, 10 x A1 - Push–ups on books (2 series of 10)

12, 12 x D – Triceps dip on chair (2 series of 12) D & K2 execises

10, 10 x C5 - Pull up under the table with legs on the floor ...because I don’t have a pull–up bar yet, and actually can’t do a pull–up

12, 12 x E – Pistol squats

I can’t do it properly yet, but I’m on a good way...

12, 13 x F – Squat jumps F & F1 exercises

13, 12 x G – Core

12, 12 x K2 – Triceps dips with head below on a chair D & K2 execises


Food: 4x alpro desserts; falafels w/ brown bread with loads of salads, hummus; homemade curry, salads, chips, wraps; homemade energy bars (dates, bananas, almonds, hemp seeds, carob powder, flaxseeds, sesame seeds); Almond/Choc smoothie (almonds, dates, banana, hemp protein powder, flaxseed; 1/3 of Innocent smoothie; some yerba mate.



Thanks guys!

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Hi man, welcome


Don't worry about the pull-ups. The rows under the table are a fine start, but get a hold of a real pull-up bar (you can just use a tree or a playground) and the pull-ups will come soon. I could also barely do 1 before I started, but it came quickly with training, so just get on it!

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Day 2, Week 1:


A1 – 10, 10

D - 13, 12

C5 - 11, 10

E - 9, 9

F - 13, 13

G - 15, 15

K2 - 13, 13


4x alpro desserts

2x Energy bars

Massive sandwich with soy steak and lots of veg

Almond/Choc smoothie

4x alpro desserts + musli

2x energy bars

Some orange juice, innocent smoothie, yerba.


And that's it for now . I'm happy about those minor improvements. I'm going to do this training till Friday. And after a weekend I'll be doing it 2x a week with 3 series of each exercise.



Regarding food: tomorrow I'm having a nice quinoa pizza, I hope .

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Week 1, Day 3:


A1 – 11, 10

D - 13, 12

C5 - 11, 10

E - 12, 10

F - 12, 11

G - 16, 15

K2 - 14, 15



Bowl of musli with rice milk

2x VegOut pastries

2x Energy bars

1x glass of Innocent smoothie

3x Tortilla Wrap w/ soy protein chunks, beans, guacamole, tomatoes, peppers + salad

Protein shake (powder + oat milk)

Tomato, sundried tomato, onion salad w/vinegar

Yerba because I'm staying long hours in the library tonight

More smoothie on my way back.

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Week 1, Day 5: (4th day of exercises)


A1 - 12, 10

D - 14, 13

C5 - 11, 10

E - 12, 12

F - 12, 11

G - 14, 12

K2 - 14, 13


4x Energy bars

Protein shake

Innocent smoothie

3x Toritlla Wrap /w soy protein, beans, guacamole, olives, jalapenos, mayo and some other salads

Enchaillada with chips (black bean paste, rice, loads of veg), homemade chips, salads

Can of coke


I got really into tortilla wraps, the most handy bread to get to uni/work etc. And one wholemeal slice is ~200kcal.


I've got to do one last training tomorrow (Sunday) and that's all for this week. Next week I'll be doind 3 series of each exercise. Hopefully I'll be sent the pull–up bar that time and will be faking to do some . I'm happy that during that really short period I'm able to do few more reps of most exercises. Should I add something to the diet, even though I feel quite full most of the times? Any ideas? Cheers.

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Small update from the last week:


Week 1, Day 7: (5th day of exercise)


A1 - 12, 9

D - 13, 13

C5 - 12, 10

E - 13, 12

F - 12, 12

G - 15, 14

K2 - 15, 14


This week I wasn’t really active. I was snowed under uni assignments, work and I got a cold. But I’m going to start exercising with three series from Monday. I’m thinking about squeezing in some yoga classes during a week, we’ll see.

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