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Craving Non-Vegan foods? Try this!!!


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I was introduced to this a few weeks ago by a friend of mine who's trying to be a dietitian and found if very interesting. This isn't a list strictly for Vegans, But it can apply quite strongly to some simply struggles in a Vegan Diet (In my case Milk Chocolate )


Hopefully this will help out a few other people too, or perhaps lead to another similar list that anyone here has found helpful and more descriptive?




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If I crave something off my list, I give it three days. I've never craved anything longer than that, which is the amount of time it usually takes the body to recalibrate itself after having to process something "naughty." Any leanings towards crap food for me are purely emotional associations which can be effectively eliminated by watching the stand-up comedy of Lewis Black, Gabriel Iglesias, and Christopher Titus. :-)


Baby Herc

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