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Specials on items for fundraising -Thanks!


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Hey everyone,


I'm heading to LA this weekend to film some Training Videos now that I'm back in pretty good shape, and I think they're going to be awesome and represent the vegan athlete lifestyle well.


They will be filmed and edited by the same producer who made this video for me (but I'm in much better shape now.....and it's time for a training highlight video):



I'm a little worried about funds once I get there as I'm already very short on funds, so I'm offering the few things that I have to offer at discounts to raise a little $ for my trip to LA to make these new videos.


There are only 2 things I really have to sell and they are my books and the shorts with "VEGAN" printed on them.


My books are normally $20 but I'm offering them at half price + shipping based on the country.


$15 total for US

$20 total for CAN

$25 total for all other countries


Simply use PayPal.com and make payment to [email protected]


I can sign them as well.


The shorts are normally $20 and I can sell them directly for $15 + $5 shipping


Sizes come in XS, S, M, L, XL


Shorts $20 total to [email protected] via PayPal.com



For more details about my book visit http://www.veganbodybuildingbook.com or read reviews online.


Here is an image of my friend modeling the vegan shorts:








Thanks so much!


And here are a few photos from yesterday's workout, getting myself in shape as I prepare to film videos this weekend:














I'll get the videos up online once they're completed. I will be a fun and productive experience!



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Thanks everyone!


This community keeps me going! I just finished a 2+ hour video and photo shoot made possible literally by those who supported my book and shorts last week! Seriously! I have $48 left and have to use $20 of that to check my luggage tomorrow to get back home to Portland....then it's back to scrambling around selling things until I get paid on the 15th.


You all rock so much!


I don't have anymore t-shirts. My budget it zero until I get my book royalty check this summer. At that point, I'll likely bring some t-shirts back.


I can afford to order the shorts because they move so quickly. Vegan Essentials and Eko Zone both re-sell them for me, so I have those 2 customers + individual customers who order online or in person when I'm on tour. So at the moment, those are the only clothing items I can afford to sell.


I have sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.


I'm still offering them for the $5 off at $15 + shipping for a total of $20 to be paid to [email protected] via PayPal.


Now would be a perfect time to order


Thanks everyone!


Love and hugs!


You keep me going and allow me to train, eat and promote this lifestyle in major ways like with my video shoot on Muscle Beach today in Vegan clothing. Thanks again!



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