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Yeah, I can't stand American football...It's so slooooow. Plus I'm a big fan of Drogba and Lampard. I usually only watch Chelsea's matches.


+1 on the American Football...

Do you remember shevchenko who played for chelsea when Abramovich come to chelsea? He was a world class striker and then he went to Chelsea and did nothing!


Do you watch the Champions League? That is the best football you can watch!

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That was what? 2003 or so? I've only been following since around 2007.


UEFA? Yeah, I have Fox Soccer Channel, they show Premier League, UEFA, La Liga, Serie A, and whatever is in South America


Yeh Uefa Champions League, some fantastic football played in that league! Like watching Serie A too

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Saturday 26th/27th/28th March - Fun, Fun, Fun


3 Days in Brecon Beacons, the more I goto Wales the more I fall in love with the place... so much variety, Wales has pretty much everything!


Did about 40miles of Cross Country tracks, lots of admiring of the welsh countryside... didn't take my digital camera though... only moby


Used my new roof racking for bikes, worked a treat, had a chicken for company every morning at breakfast lol








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Wednesday 30th March - Back & Triceps


No feel good factor, did get a good nights sleep for the first time this week.


Running treadmill

1 mile / 6:31 mins / 155 cals

-- New pair of New Balance trainers, felt faster with them on


Freestyle Mode

24 sets in total targeting Back & Triceps, plus Deads

-- Highlight, ended the 24 sets with a 190kg deadlift, not bad considering I was exhausted



10 lengths

-- was running late so cut back on swimming abit


To Finish off

5 mins hydropool

10 mins in Sauna

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It looks foggy there. Was it cold? Where did the chicken come from?


It was early in the morning so little foggy, turned out to be a lovely sunny day by lunch time

Woman who owned the land had a couple of chickens just milling around, very sweet to see them really...

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Friday 1st April - Chest, Arms and the dreaded Abs


Shit, it's April, where is the year going


Running Treadmill - Warm Up

1 mile



Freestyle lifting, 28 sets over over 10 exercises...

-- Highlight- Barbell curls 60kg/20reps -arms pumped to the max, think I should cool it with the arms and work harder on bench


To finish off

5 minutes in hydropool

10 minutes in sauna

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Monday 4th April - shoulders & Legs


Determined to blast my deltoids tonight and get back in the game...


Running treadmill - warm up/cardio

1 mile / 6:38mins / 155cals


Chin Ups - narrow underhand grip



Freestyle Mode

24 sets in total targeting shoulders and legs

-- highlights

-- single arm lat raise 30kg/16reps

-- dumbell delt front raise 22.5kg/16reps

-- squats 100kg/16reps 120kg/11reps 140kg/6reps


Swimming - warm down/cardio

10 lengths

-- only 10 lengths as goggles letting in water and getting on my tit


To Finish off - relaxation

5 mins hydropool

10 mins in Sauna

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Good work on the squats!


I have a question: I have been training push-ups a lot the last days. I am working towards being able to do one armies after my summer break. However, I felt very weak when bench pressing today. I am suspecting it to be because of my muscles already being tired from the pushups.

Do you feel that your morning routine interferes with your bench press? Or is it just a matter of getting used to it? I am gonna do loads of pushups in summer where I won't have access to barbells, but I don't want to "waste" time on it now if all it's gonna do is set my bench press back. Anything you have noticed?

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