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Friday 29th April / Saturday 30th April - Fun, fun, fun


Trip to Clywds, fantastic weather, stayed at camp site just outside Ruthin...


Mountain biking on the Friday, my mountain bike decided to be a complete tw*t and gears wouldn't shift so walking it was up and around Moel Famau Saturday... Sun burn't now
















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Sunday 1st May - Chest and the dreaded Abs


Decided to pop in gym for a quick little session, don't know why I bothered, sunburn was hurting on bench and was exhausted..


Running Treadmill - Warm up the body

1 mile / 6:43 mins / 154 cals


Bench press - 3 sets

bar/20reps 90kg/10reps 90kg/9reps 90kg/8reps


Barbell decline press - 3 sets

90kg/9reps 90kg/8reps 90kg/7reps


Pec dec - 3 sets

65kg/20reps 70kg/14reps 75kg/10reps


Cable kneeling crunches - 3 sets

90kg/30reps 97.5kg/25reps 105kg/17reps


Dumbell side bend - 3 sets

30kg/30reps 30kg/25reps 30kg/22reps


To finish off

15 minutes in sauna

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Monday 2nd May - shoulders & Legs


Short session today, bank holidays are really messing me up with early closing... no squats or calf raises as shoulders red raw...


Over the last few months I've noticed a girl around the gym who is painfully thin. Every time I see her I just have the urge to go upto her and say something to her, but I wouldn't know what to say to her. I can totally empathise with her, she spends hours doing various cardio workouts and usually still there right up to the gym closing. It's painful to watch her getting thinner and thinner... this girl needs help...


Running treadmill

1 mile / 6:39 mins / 155 cals


Military press - 3 sets

60kg/16reps 70kg/11reps 80kg/5reps

-- wow, really sucked at these, afternoon sessions tend not to agree with me!


Barbell behind head press - 2 sets

55kg/15reps 60kg/11reps


Dumbell lateral raise - 2 arm - 3 sets

20kg/18reps 22.5kg/12reps 25kg/18reps

-- much tougher than single arms I usually do


Machine rear delts - 3 sets

55kg/20reps 60kg/16reps 65kg/10reps


Cable upright rows - 3 sets

82.5kg/20reps 90kg/16reps 97.5kg/12reps


Leg extensions - 3 sets

75kg/20reps 82.5kg/16reps 90kg/13reps

-- Did these instead of squats as shoulders all sun burn't


Reverse leg curls - 3 sets

60kg/20reps 67.5kg/16reps 75kg/9reps


To Finish off

5 mins hydropool

10 mins in Sauna

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Gorgeous pictures. I would kill for your countryside. No, really, I would kill someone if it meant I could live in Europe.


haha last time I checked killing wasn't vegan


Looks like Barcelona vs Manchester Utd in champions league final!!!

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Thursday 5th May - Chest, Arms and the dreaded Abs


Routine up the sh*tter this week, driving to Bournemouth for the weekend so went gym tonight...


Running Treadmill - Warm up the body

1 mile / 6:55 mins / 154 cals

-- Felt tough


Bench press - 3 sets

bar/20reps 90kg/11reps 90kg/10reps 90kg/9reps


Barbell incline press - 3 sets

60kg/20reps 80kg/7reps 80kg/7reps


Low cable crossovers - 3 sets

20kg/20reps 25kg/18reps 30kg/13reps


Barbell curls - 3 sets

60kg/20reps 70kg/9reps 80kg/4reps

-- last set was heavy


Dumbell preacher curls - 3 sets

30kg/15reps 30kg/13reps 30kg/12reps


Reverse barbell curls - 3 sets

35kg/20reps 35kg/17reps 35kg/16reps


Cable kneeling crunches - 3 sets

100kg/26reps 100kg/23reps 100kg/21reps


Dumbell side bend - 3 sets

30kg/30reps 30kg/28reps 30kg/26reps


Leg Raises - 2 sets

50 50


To finish off

5 minutes in hydropool

15 minutes in sauna

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