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Hi! Trading High Protein Competition Diet for Vegan Lifesty


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...I think!

Hello Ya'll! I'm happy to have found this website and hope it helps inspire and give me confidence on this new path! I've decided to give this a try, but am not yet convinced or conditioned to eating vegan. For the last 2 years especially, I've eaten a fairly low carb diet compared to what vegans and vegetarians (for the most part) consume and am pretty sure I'm addicted to protien, or maybe just food...hmmm. Anyway, I love bodybuilding and am willing to give my lifestyle a shot while eating vegan. I figure that my body could probably use a break from high protien intake (ie: 40-50% of daily intake). Also, I'm looking to cut a few lbs of fat and not sure how to do that eating so many carbs!

Good things going - was a vegetarian baby, again for a year in college, and just love all things vegetable-esq. Making my food interesting may be a caloric pitfall, though, and I'm just learning how that all is going to balance out.

Also - while I'm airing my concerns - I have yet to see any cut female veg athletes except for raw foodies. Comments?

I am looking for greater health, I already eat clean and like 'very' few processed things, even if that means a little softer physique if I have more vitality!


Ok! That's my intro! Hope to get some insight here ~ Celestial

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Welcome to our community!


Great to have you here. We've got more and more athletes going vegan including female bodybuilders, figure and fitness competitors so I'm sure many will featured here throughout the forum and on the main website.


I'm out working on discovering more and more vegan athletes and hopefully creating more vegan athletes as well via my writing, travels, etc.


Hope you connect with some cool people here.


All the best and welcome aboard!



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There are def female vegan athletes that are both raw and plain ole vegan that are very cut up. SeaSiren and VeggiePrincess to name two. Search for them round the ways here. You'll find posts.


I agree 100% with you about cycling the type of macro profile you consume. I also agree in higher protein ratios while building your lmb. However I feel strongly about giving your body a rest from protein for a period of time every year. Whatever suits your needs.


I think it is awesome to have you here and a great big warm welcome to you at VBBF!!


see ya around, we hope

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