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St. Petersburg, Florida

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I just wanted to mention that I am visiting St. Petersburg, Florida next week, and I found out they have a couple of good vegan places to eat near the Bay area. They are both literally within blocks of the boutique hotel I am staying at. The first place is an organics restaurant moderately priced, Central Avenue Organics. The other vegan option is a new vegan hotdog cart that is right near their movie theater, and they have vegan philly cheese steaks, hotdogs, etc.

Last time I visited in October 0f 2010 I was unable to find any vegan options, so this time I am pretty happy that I will be able to eat.

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I finally found the vegan hotdog stand the last day I was there. he is only open four hours every day. The guys name is Jim, he is very pleasant, but he was out of philly steaks, so I ended up getting a hot dog, and italian sausage, they were pretty good, and not a lot of money. He only takes cash, and his stand is right near the Muvico theater at the baywalk shopping area which is pretty much non existent, except for the movie theater.

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Earlier this month I went by myself for 2 days. The vegan hot dog cart haed chicken cheese steaks, yum,yum,yumy!!!!! Central Cafe Organics continues to rock with their salds full of sprouts, and their awesome wraps. The ingredients are so fresh, and their raspberry vinagriete dressing is the bomb.

I am on my way in 2 weeks for one day in St. Pete, then I fly from Tampa to Portland, YEAH!

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