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Anyone else have GERD?

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I have GERD too (as does my mom). For me, I've noticed which foods trigger problems. Really rich or fatty foods (especially fried foods!) alcohol (especially red wine), tomato sauces. Surprisingly I have little trouble with raw peppers. The cleaner I eat the less trouble I have. I usually avoid my trouble foods anyway but occasionally indulge.


When I eat the foods that bother me my heart feels like it's beating faster and I feel intoxicated. And have a "hungover" sensation the next day.

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I have gerd.. and yes it sucks big time.. Lucky me tho I found that as long as I stay far away from Onion I dont get it.. It took me almost a whole year to find out what was setting it off but, eventually I did find it and havent had to take the ompromozal since then.. good luck

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Hi MillionDollarVeggie!!


GERD! I echo the sentiments on suckage ...


I used to have horrible GERD - but have been able to adjust my diet to resolve 90-95% of the symptoms and have been transitioning off of Omeprazole.


While the causes can be diet / anatomical or both ... I would suggest adding a GERD symptom component to your daily food journal and how you feel after each meal ... I was surprised to find that apples were the worst for me ... but in the end - it was any acidic foods. Everyone is so different overall - but it seems tomato sauce gets us all


Also sleeping patterns can affect any mechanical/anatomic issues ... esp. if you are stomach sleeper ... which I used to be ... I also now avoid acidic foods after 7pm. This has been helpful for me ...


Good luck!

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The worst triggers are foods that relax the GES (the sphincter that prevents reflux from the stomach). Those include peppermint, chocolate and alcohol.


Next worst are things that promote acidity. #1 on this list is caffeine, which stimulates production of acid in the stomach. Cut out all coffee, pop and tea that contains caffeine.


Next up are acidic and spicy foods. Tomato, citrus, hot peppers.


Making sure you don't eat within 2 hours of lying down is also a big factor. Put blocks under the legs of your bed at the head so that it's elevated by 30 degrees.


I have GERD myself and these are the lifestyle modifications I tell my patients to take. However, don't try to be a hero and avoid medication "just because". You'll be setting yourself up for possible esophageal cancer later in life, which is a truly horrific disease. If lifestyle modifications don't make you asymptomatic, you need medication - not just for comfort, but to reduce the risk of cancer.

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