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I'm new to this forum, but I'm trying to dive in to this new lifestyle. I like the idea of an on-line fitness journal . . . maybe I will be able to pick up some advice and pointers along the way.


Weight loss has never been difficult for me in the past, but the weight I'm trying to lose right now isn't budging. Basically, a rather depressing holiday season bludgeoned me in the face with 15 pounds. (Those late night cookies couldn't have had anything to do with it, could they?) I've lost 6, but my weight is staying PUT right now. I've been eating between 1400 and 1800 calories (but I tend to stay around 1500), with a pretty hardcore spin class thrown in almost every day. I don't want my net calories to be too low, but I'm definitely not losing weight. My stats from the last few days:


calorie counts are approximate, I tend to round up and down slightly to keep myself from going crazy and quitting

Feb 9th: 1550 cals, spin class

Feb 10th: 1400 cals, spin class

Feb 11th: 1580 cals, spin class

Feb 12th: 1700 cals, short 25 minute spin class morn/Elliptical machine 30 minutes evening


This is all far less than I ate maintaining my original weight. I'm very confused.


I should note that outside of my workouts, I'm very sedentary.... long hours at a desk job.


I'm eating healthier than I ever have... salads, fruits, vega, fiber cereal, almond milk (homemade!), sprouted quinoa, wild rice, olive and coconut oil. Lots of ground flax seed, almonds all day long. Nut butters, this coconut/chia oil desserty tasting stuff I got from Living Tree Community. It's been, in a word, delicious. (I've started taking pictures of my salads. Seriously.)


I will update in a few days, and try to be patient with my body in the meantime. (aaaaargh!)



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blessings45, what is your weight right now and your BMR? Perhaps it's not just the number of calories you are eating but as you mentioned, the TYPE of calories. What is the ratio of your macros? (carbs, protein, fats) Also, if the calories are TOO low, you won't lose weight (body protecting itself and lowering it's metabolism). There are anecdotal reports of individuals needing to up the calories before they could lose those last few pounds. Anybody else can chime in here to either confirm or refute this suggestion. But, basically, you want to not only be burning more calories than you are taking in but also boosting your metabolism (which can't happen if the calories are too low)...this can happen by adding some resistance training in addition to the spin classes...just my .02


p.s. I feel there is at least one other variable I' forgetting...can't think of what it is right now. NE body???

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Oh wow, I've never even heard of BMR. Just looked it up - 1424.85. (I'm 137 pounds at 5' 7--I've lost 3 pounds)


So, that's the number of calories I burn without even trying, correct? So, if I'm burning (for example) 300-400 calories at the gym... how many calories would I add to that 1424 number?


I'm afraid I don't know the ratio of my macros. That sounds headache inducing, but I will begin to pay attention. (I know that most of my calories tend to come from fats and carbs. Lots of fats--but I keep them within the allowable calorie range).


Yes, I've been thinking some resistance training might be beneficial. Thanks for the tips!


Gosh, when did this get so complicated??




A little more googling led to this (http://www.shapefit.com/basal-metabolic-rate.html)


Fat loss = 12-13 calories per lb. of bodyweight


Maintenance (TDEE) = 15-16 calories per lb. of bodyweight


Weight gain = 18-19 calories per lb. of bodyweight


So, at 137, my maintenance is 2055, and 1644 would lead to fat loss (without exercise)?


According to the formula on that URL, 2207 is my "total daily energy expenditure" if I'm 'moderately active'. Cutting 500 calories would land me at 1700.


OK. 1700 is reasonable, and plenty of calories to keep me satisfied.

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WOW! Blessings45, you really took some info and RAN with it! Good for you! I think you've got a pretty good start on things. Just remember that those calculations aren't gospel, but a really good reference point. Make adjustments and see how your body responds.

Something else to consider: 1g carb. = 4 Calories, 1g protein = 4 Calories, 1g fat = 9 Calories. Note: increasing the number of calories from protein (decreasing the number from carbs) will help in burning more fat. We need good fats, higher protein and resistance training to prevent muscle loss and to prevent becoming "skinny fat." The more muscle mass you have, the more fat you can burn. What ever you do, be consistent and patient. Don't give up and keep on going! Hope this helps...


Again, anybody else out there please chime in if anything I'm saying is way off or you have something to add.

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my pleasure! as for protein, I would recommend some Vegan Proteins powder or hemp, pea and brown rice protein powders. Keep up-to-date with how it goes! Give it at least a few weeks and remember - be consistent and patient! fitness is a marathon (for life) not a sprint (instant results).

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