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I been riding 8-9 seasons. I just recently got into handrails.

the resorts here are small and shitty and the snow is man-made and icey. I used to do a lot of freestyle and halfpipe. but now Im more into freeriding but since the trails are so short here, it kinda loses its fun, unless riding with someone. I used to dream of becoming a pro snowboarder, but after numerous broken bones and a lack of good conditions/mountains. I've set that aside.


anyone else ride??

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Hey buddy,


Oh man..........I've been skiing about 5 times and snowboarding once. I was snowboarding out at Mt. Hood......I'm sure you're familiar with it, in fact you've been there right?


So, I was never that good at skiing and I totally sucked at snowboarding. My first time going I was heading down the hill and couldn't stop. There was a little train of young kids skiing in a zig zag down the hill, all keeping together with their instructors. I busted right through the chain of kids (but didn't hit or hurt any) on my way down and ahead of me I saw a drop off leading to the parking lot so my only way of stopping (as a first timer) was to run into the padded pole that supports the ski lift.


Yeah, I was pretty cool, and never went snowboarding again.


My little brother, on the other hand, goes snowboarding all the time in Colorado where he lives and goes to college. He really likes it. He's a vegetarian for 10 years (21 year old kid) and is kind of a preppy dude. He's got his pimped out Jeep Grand Cherokee, GQ look, Brand name clothing, and all that stuff. He was my best friend growing up but over the past 8 years we haven't been as close, which is sad for me, but I guess that is how it goes..........but my sister and I are closer than ever before and I'm closer to my other brother than I've been probably ever also.


But anyway, no snowboarding for me. Mostly table tennis, basketball and soccer these days.


I used to want to be a professionaly basketball player, then a professional wrestler. Then somehow got into bodybuilding............but I'm pretty pleased with how things turned out, I've been able to have an impact on thousands of people through Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness. So I keep on keepin on. Life's a Garden......dig it.

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"life's a garden...dig it."


Ive never heard that quote before. it is seriously awesome.



I visited mt hood but unfortunately it was during the two weeks that they were closed for maitenance. so ive never ridden there. some luck ive had. hah. I want to move to Oregon sooooooo damn bad and ride mt hood. its like a dream of mine. pro snowboarding or not, just the atmosphere out there is amazing. I feel alive and at home. I am such a mountain kid.


Ive been skiiing since the age of 2 and did that for 10 yrs, then switched over to snowboarding. it was discouragin at first, as i couldnt turn or stop and i got so many concussions. then the next yr i became a snowboard instructor and I kinda listened to the other instructors and learned real quick...and just mimicked them and then taught others. next thing ya know, i was pretty awesome at it. and was one of the best instructors there. I loved teaching lil kids. seriously my heart goes out to them more than anybody.

maybe I could teach ya to snowboard at mt hood sometime, if youre interested. in 3hrs I can have you turning heelside, frontside, and stopping no problem.


Soccer used to be my favorite sport. I was amazing at that. it was one of the few things I could honestly say I would be professional with, if I stuck with it. but i had a couple surgeries and I cant play anymore. but thats okay. it opened up my time for other things.


i love bodybuilding. nothing feels better than affecting ppl positively and making a difference.

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Oh man, I love snowboarding and am always jazzed to meet someone else who does, too. I spent my first year of school out in Colorado, where I picked it up and have been obsessed every since. I had a multi-mountain pass when I lived there and got to go to Breck, Keystone, A-basin, Vail, and a few other smaller mountains. But it was soooo beautiful out there and I really miss it. There is only one local ski resort in St. Louis, and they just expanded their park, but it's still what I like to refer to as "ice gravel." It makes it hard to get much practice, the conditions just aren't that great. Anything that doubles as a golf course in the summer months just can't be the real thing! Hopefully this winter, I'll be able to take a short vacation somewhere with snow and mountains. My board has been sitting pathetically in the basement for too long. I'm not that great due to lack of consistent practice, but I'm absolutely addicted. I also figure skate and have been doing that since I was 6. It was huge where I gre up in CT. Guess I'm pretty much all about the winter sports, although I enjoy lots of other sports as well - running, biking, field hockey, hiking. I'll throw in a picture or two I took 2 years ago at Keystone. I think you'll be able to appreciate them!





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wow good pics!


the stuff I ride on is also considered "ice gravel". that's what I get for living on the "ice coast" hehe.


anyway, that's awesome that you ride and have had so much fun with snowboarding. if we're ever in the same area, we gotta ride together.

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dude, on MTV is that show MADE, and they have snowboarding on it. never have I wanted to be out west riding some pow pow so damn bad.

As arduous as it is breaking bones, I still want to freestyle ride. Im gonna have to wait til I move to Oregon!

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Did the person on MADE want to be a boarder? Did he/she already know how to ride? I don't normally watch MTV, but I definitely would have for that. Did you happen to catch that series of specials about a year or two ago that aired on the Discovery channel about extreme sports and it followed a group of crazy skiers/boarders into these back bowls up in Washington and Canada? At one point they literally jumped out of a helicopter and down this mountainside that looked completely vertical! It seemed incredibly intense, but it was amazing to watch.


I've never been to Oregon. How would you rank the conditions and mountains out there? I've always wants to ski Tahoe as well because everyone says it's beautiful. But, then again, I've never been out there either. Oregon seems like the place to be, though. I read on another board that you're planning on moving out there. That's awesome; good luck with everything (and try not to break too many bones once you get there).

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it was this prissy girl who's dad was a basketball coach. she always got ignored and she wanted to show her dad that she could do something athletic rather than just be a ditz. it was cool cause it braught her closer to her dad. he was like her second coach. she went from never riding to competing in just 6 weeks. really awesome. I commend her.

nah, i never seen that discovery channel special. i wish i did, heli-oarding looks hella fun. I'd like to try that sometime also.


Ive never ridden Oregon, but i visited. and I would put it in the top 10 in the world. conditions looks superb (I guess anything is compared to where I live). simply for the fact Oregon has snow year round on timberline. Timberline is the government training camp where over the summers pros and ams can practice their moves. Tahoe is up there as well. I have a magazine that lists all the top resorts. Colorado is supposed to be awesome too cause of all the sunny blue skies.


yeh once I get my personal trainer certification, the plan is to move to Portland. I been wanting to move for several years now, ever since I initially visited. thanks

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