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Does anybody have the secret to cutting up lower pecs? My chest is really solid from the middle third up, but I can't shed that last bit of fat. Granted it's an ever-improving situation, but really marked improvement is taking much longer to see there than other parts of my body. I'm guessing I should just keep at it with the cardio and it'll be the last fat to go along with my inner thighs and lower-inner arms. Technical terms, all


I work my chest 2-3 times a week. 1x12 135#, 1x10 155#, 1x6 185#, 1x3 205#, 3x8 185# on the bench. 3x15 dips. 20 reps each of dumbbell flys and press with 20# bells. I do 50 push-ups before bed most nights.


My bench has a decline press setting but I did that exclusively for quite a bit a while back and didn't notice any improvement. Thoughts?

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The areas you target with your weight lifting has no correlation with where you lose fat.


Cutting calories, increasing activity (weight lifting and/or cardio) is the way to go. Your body decides where to remove the fat from depending on genetics (as far as anyone knows) so just keep at trying to lose the fat overall and it'll eventually come off the problem areas.

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actually dips will give you very nice definition on the lower pecs, provided your body fat % is low enough. when doing dips bend your knees/legs back and lean slightly forwards and make sure most of the force is coming from your pecs.

at least iv'e noticed very nice striations from the lower left and right pecs connective tissues after i've done this exercise. just like in the film 300.

you can view this link to see a screenshot from 300


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