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Bent over bb rows

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There's a thread just below this one on rows where VeganEssentials wrote:


"Also, with barbel rows, you'll find less strain if you do them with the torso at about 45 degrees vs. parallel to the floor and by keeping the bar as close to the body as possible. It will activate the upper back muscles slightly differently than a wider grip pulling to the middle chest (more latissimus activation vs. other middle back/rear deltoid work), but is still a useful way to row and tends to be less stressful on the lower back."


So it depends on which muscle group you are more interested in working, and whether you feel any lower back strain standing with your back 90 degrees to the floor (as I was). And your knees should be bent, yes.

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Personally I do 90 degrees and just keep my back as firm as possible, and I also keep the bar as close to my body as possible like mentioned above in the 45 degree recommendation post.


I guess like they said it's all what you feel more comfortable with and what you feel working your muscles better.


I think that some people will see better results with 45 and some with 90, as different people have different shapes and do exercises differently, so you need to find your own range.

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