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Chris' Progress Thread

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Okay, so, let's play a game of catch-up real quick so that I can start showing progress moving forward!

Please reply to this thread if the images aren't loading, they're hosted on my home server right now, but I'll move them somewhere else if that isn't sufficient!


This is from a few years ago before I lost 40 lbs by cooking at home (instead of eating McDonalds daily. Makes me sick to imagine that I ever did that.



This is from my second week of working out again (12/31). Starting to show some definition and regaining lost muscle.



This is from my fourth week of working out again (1-14). Really starting to feel good about my body.



This is from 2-8, week 6 of the TRX Force workout, 7th week working out (felt like I needed to repeat a week).


http://frodux.org/VBB/2-25.jpg http://frodux.org/VBB/2-25-2.jpg

These are from this past thursday (2-25). Finishing out week 10 of the TRX Force program, week 11 of working out as I caught a cold for 3 days, I repeated a week.


I don't think these pictures show off what I've built too well, but they're still showing improvement, it's hard to pose and take the picture in a mirror with a 1st generation iPhone!


I'll post again in 2 weeks with the next set of pictures, I'll be done with the TRX Force workout and headed on to kettle bells the week after that!

Thanks for the support.


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Hello, keep exercising and posting your progress! It's the best motivation, at least for me, to see how one progresses from month to month. I don't know how your diet looks like? Thank god you don't eat at McDonalds anymore!

You have much fat around your waist, and the rest of your body isn't fat. That is the sign of too much sitting, and not moving enough. Some regular light cardio and right nutrition will blow that fat away soon, if you stay motivated. Mu suggestion to you is not to eat bread (except occasionally sourdough whole wheat bread), not to eat fried foods, and if possible - not to use any oils or fats (even healthy ones) for a while.

Just cooked whole grains, steamed veggies, plain cooked beans, chickpeas, lentils... No fried tofu, no fried tempeh, seitan, and such vegan junk foods.

LOTS of fresh fruits, lots of salads (no oil, just lemon juice - it is good for loosing fat), and as less salt as you can. It's best not to use salt at all.

So, all best! We are watching you, don't disappoint us!

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@vege thanks for the support and honest criticism, this is exactly what I need. As far as cardio here's my running schedule:

Tuesday: 10 min warmup, 4x5 min hills with 5 min easy inbetween, 10 min cool down. (average 6.2 mi)

Thursday: 10 min warmup, 2x10 min Threshold with 5 min easy inbetween, 10 min cool down. (average 5.2 mi)

Saturday: 10 min warmup, 35 min at hard tempo, 10 min cool down (average 7 mi)

Sunday: 1.25hr easy-moderate run. (average 7.9-8.0 mi)


Mon/Thurs I do lower body work like lunges, squats, bicycles, leg curls, hip presses, and core work such as planks plus bleed-over like curls, triceps presses, and rotations (all in the TRX)

Tues/Fri I do upper body like incline presses (pushups from a handstand position), pushups, rows, chest presses, shoulder stuff (Y Deltoid Raise, T Deltoid Fly, and Low Deltoid Fly) along with core exercises such a suspended pendulums and pikes (all in the TRX)


I started tracking my diet in great detail this past week, so here's an overview:

Breakfast-1: Kamut Flakes or Raisin Bran with blueberries and soy milk. 2 Bagels (sometimes with hummus and sprouts), 8 oz of Apple Juice, 12 oz of coffee.

Breakfast-2: 1 Banana and 2 scoops of Vega Health Optimizer

Lunch-1: 1 or 2 Apples, some sort of sandwich (like a tempeh reuben marinated and grilled, not fried, I can't eat any fried foods, they really upset my stomach) (or PB & Agave Nectar)

Lunch-2: 1.5 C of home made soup such as Carrot Bisque (carrots, onions, garlic, seasonings, veg stock, and coconut milk) or Lentil Soup and a small mixed greens salad with a Flax Seed Oil vinaigrette

Dinner-1: Varies, but often it involves a burrito (tortilla, black/pinto beans, rice, salsa, guac, onion, lettuce)

Dinner-2: 2 Scoops Garden of Life Raw Meal, piece of fruit or graham crackers, some sort of grain (quinoa, brown rice, etc)

Snacks: Clif bars, extra fruit, carrots, radishes, celery, other raw veggies

Water consumption: about 1 Gallon incl Protein Drinks

Average Calories: 3800

Average Protein: 160g

Average Fat: 100g

Average Carb: 516g


Any advice, tips, suggestions you could give me would be great, I'm kind of feeling my way around by using tips from Robert's book (like 1g of protein per lb, eat lots [previously I was getting about 2000-2500 calories]) and finishing out the current workout routine that I started (TRX Force). I don't like to do something part way, I'm going to see the 12 week Force program to the end (only 2 more weeks).


From your advice I should cut back on things like my 2 morning bagels, switch my lunch sandwiches to wraps, add an extra salad (or double down on the small one) and switch to lemon juice for my dressing. I very infrequently use salt, and only in recipes, I never add seasoning to any food once it's cooked, but I'll be sure to stay away from it as well. I do use olive oil for anything that I sauté, but I'll find recipes that don't require that to avoid eating the oil for a bit.

Thanks and I look forward to any tips/suggestions that you have!

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I don't know many products you maintained since I don't live in US.

Sometimes a person is not aware how much salt or other bad things he is ingesting without even knowing it.

I don't know how your bagels look like, if they are with white flour and yeast, I don't recommend at all. Same about the apple sauce - is it with sugar? I wouldn't eat grilled food at all (carcinogenic). What about the stock you use to make soup - does it contain salt? Is coconut milk sweetened? Anyway, it has too much fat. And graham crackers - are they made with trans-fats (margarine)?

I wouldn't obsess with protein, and rather concentrate on eating very simple whole food diet: cooked whole grains, steamed veggies, fresh veggies, beans, fruits, and very little fats in form of nuts and seeds (no oil).

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No, the Apple Juice has only 1 ingredient and that's apples. The vegetable stock I make myself, so it's just a bunch of veggie scraps that I save from other meals and then make the stock out of the leftovers I don't add salt or oil. The graham crackers do not contain trans-fats. But I'll definitely cut back on nuts and seed oils and add more steamed veggies to the menu. Thanks!

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Okay, server has been rebuilt, managed to get everything restored from backup and all should be good now. That was a ridiculous amount of work . Been working out, finished my TRX program and joined my local gym (a 4 minute jog away from my apartment) and have been lifting weights 4x a week and running the other 3. I think I've lost a bit more stomach fat and am progressing well! Here's all the pictures that I've taken since my last post.












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