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Walking/Cardiovascular Training

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My girlfriend works for the ACLU (a canvasing job). This requires her to walk door to door and ask for donations. She says she wishes to get into better shape. I told her that regular strength training can help, but in regards to cardiovascular training I don't know what to tell her. I feel if I tell her the wrong thing she can either be too tired to work, and have symptoms of overtraining, or she will be doing too little, and end up gaining unwanted weight. Any ideas on what to do?

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....or she will be doing too little, and end up gaining unwanted weight....

So she would also be increasing her calorie intake? Because if she already walks, then any kind of added training won't cause her to gain weight, it would just be less effective at helping her lose weight.


Personally I'm a big fan of strength training and cardio that really uses your muscles, so bodyweight conditioning, plyometrics, etc. Think of burpees, the Insanity series, etc. I think she should try doing as much exercise as she thinks she can, then backing off a bit if she feels too tired during the days....

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Ok let me restate what I said.


I'm wondering if I should tell her to just do regular strength training, and only get her cardio in by walking? Or should I tell her to do other forms of cardio, treadmill, eliptical, biking, etc?

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