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Calories with high metabolism

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Hey there,


I'm quite skinny and I take in an average of 3,000 cals without putting emphasis on eating more. I'm also not too active when it comes to the cardio (web designer!), and yet I still find it difficult to gain weight. I'm aiming at between 3,500 and 4,000 for now, does that sound reasonable?


The only time I gained weight significantly is a few years ago when I was still vegetarian, and I tried this unhealthy "calorie booster", that had 2,500 calories in two servings. It went straight to the belly and was super unnatural...


Anything specific that people eat to put on weight calorie-wise, or should I focus on the proteins?

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Thanks for the reply. I do eat plenty of pasta with tomato sauce, maybe I should lay off of it a bit . Are there any other effects of it other than diabetes?


Here's what an average day looks like for me:



Deva Vegan Multivitamin


Handful of Grapes

Handful of Almonds

Usually flax & granola cluster cereal with hemp milk

Sometimes Coffee


Throughout the day:


A couple more handfuls of almonds

Bowl of Chili (Silken tofu, red kidney beans, diced tomatoes, fried onion, a bit of hemp milk, spices)

Glass of almond or hemp milk

Glass of Kombucha



Either: Pasta w/ Tomato Sauce or Garden Pesto OR something like a Brown rice w/ a thai soy+peanut sauce

A few salad rolls (avacado, lettuce, tomato, red pepper, sometimes veggie meat strips)

Beer or Kratom tea (I'm in the process of cutting down substances. I just quit smoking for my health + they're not vegan!)

Glass of Kombucha


2:00am snack:

Usually dinner leftovers

Glass of Juice + hemp protein



Here's a 1-day sample from FitDay:



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