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Quest to become a video game character

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As suggested, I'm going to start a journal.

Recently I have harvested inspiration from Marvel vs Capcom 3 chicks. My husband always tells me they're muscular because they're "drawn that way" but perhaps I can draw my own muscles wish a pen made of protein and ink made of lactic acid and sweat.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not completely vegan.



Breakfast: leftovers (it was uh... this something that I made: whole wheat pasta with lentils, mixed veggies, seitan, and flavorful additives of course)

snack: fruit and nut bar (I am what I eat) with a chocolate banana coconut strawberry hemp protein shake and multigrain Cheerios

lunch: more leftovers

dinner: veggie wrap (wheat flat tortilla thing with hummus, jalapenos, veggies, lettuce, cut up veggie burger, sour cream, mustard... poppiseed dressing... oh god what else)


Went to the gym today... sort of a rare treat for me. I did weight-bearing exercises to increase punching power (so mostly arms/shoulders). Now, why did I do that? Because I'm moving to New York... and I'm a gigantic nerd full of make-believe violent rage (I've never actually hurt anyone... not since elementary school).

Pretty sure everyone at the gym was staring at my armpit hair but if I cared then I would have shaved beforehand. That stuff just sprouts too fast.

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Haha, well maybe not so literal... I'm not worried about body hair.


Anyway, haven't been online much, hence no updates. I was on my... *ahem*... well I wasn't well for a few days. I did this and it helped some but I still wasn't well enough to eat or move for the majority of the time. I eased my way back into my normal routines AND I managed to up my protein intake to 80g a day (was 60g before).

However, I'm not sure if this is right for me... My muscles certainly feel harder due to the change but heartburn became a problem for me. When I was little, before becoming a vegetarian, I often got bad heart burn. Six years go by, no heart burn, yada yada yada, I decided to trust the doctor who then chose to poison me and bada-bing-bada-boom, the omnivoristic heartburn returns. I stop taking that shit, feel better for a while, but almost a week a go I started having heartburn whenever I ate.. no matter what I eat.

I get the impression my body doesn't digest high amounts of protein well... clearly I'm a defective specimen. But more than that I blame the so-called medicine.. and possibly doing yoga too soon after meals (it hadn't occured to me that some yoga poses can send stomach acid into bad places). I only recently started doing yoga regularly, and when I eat so many meals a day it's hard to find a time when I haven't just eaten.


So hopefully I can fix this without having to bring my protein intake back down. I have no confidence in my clearly uncouth liver though. Thankyou mother, and God, for bringing me into this world with jaundice.


Oh.. and as far as getting back into my normal routines goes.


yoga and cardio

dancing, pilates, etc


I can't remember what day I did what but hopefully I'll grace this journal with some organization soon. Just haven't felt like getting online lately.

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Thankyou, John.


On another note... I was bad today. I'm forcing myself to admit it as punishment.


My husband and I went to a French bakery for breakfast. I had a little mocha cake thing plus an almond crescent. I started feeling like I was catching a cold, but I soon felt better so that's no excuse. I had a brown rice bowl with black eyed peas and veggies for lunch, black bean soup (with veggies and pumpkin seeds), garlic mashed potatos, and veggie riblets for dinner. Then I had these chocolate hazlenut wafer things for desert.

And I didn't workout at all. Bleh. This doesn't make me feel good.


My progress has slowed a lot; I need to crack the damn whip like it's the Middle Ages again and I'm trying to escape the plague through flagellentism.

Oh well. I'm atleast going to try

before bed.
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I think my protein intake is slipping back down a bit... I really have to get used to incorporating mass protein into my diet. I guess it just takes some time before it becomes a habit.


This isn't the sort of thing I'd normally include here but last night my husband and I went to the strip club. It was a lot of fun. Strippers are financial vampires so we don't go often. We drank water and cranberry juice. Gus (my husband) bought three lap dances for me. >:D I got to see two of the girls I liked again and met a lot of others. Their fine asses inspire me to do more squats (I do ask them about their workouts and diets).

Anyway... before that:

Light run


And then dancing


Right now I have a six pack but I want to maintain the somewhat hourglass curve of a dancer/sexy female video game character.. maybe I just can't make up my mind! My main confliction is what's sexually attractive to me versus how I actually want to portray myself.. I do like looking in the mirror and thinking that I'm sexy, to an extend we all need to be attracted to ourselves for the sake of our self-esteem. I am attracted to very feminine, curvy, fit bodies, but I am not that feminine and that's not how I want to portray myself... if that makes any sense. I often feel stuck inbetween gender roles.


Meals/grams of protein:

Banana- 1g

Cereal- 13g

Wheat Bagel with peanut butter and all natural rasperry jam- 17g

Veggie chik'n patty with hummus on wheat bread- 15g (originally 19g but my husband had a couple of bites)

Leftovers but with brown rice instead of potatos- 23g (I'm guessing.. I didn't do all the math)

Chocolate hazelnut wafers with almond milk- 3g

(Total: 72g)

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Banana with peanut butter- 8g

Bagel with jam and cream cheese- 12g

Veggie "sausage" and cereal- 18g

The rest of the leftovers- 20g

"Chik'n" salad with peanut butter dressing- 19g

(Total: 77g)



This workout

then yoga for relaxation

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Rest day yesterday.. just did some stertching.

Probably only had about 70g of protein. Neither one of us felt like cooking or doing the dishes so we went out to eat.


Banana smoothie w/ hemp protein and flax seeds- 12g

Baked potato- 8g

Sesame Balls- ?g

Veggies with tofu and rice- ?g (I guessed about 26g though)

Bagel with peanut butter and cream cheese- 20g


I came to the conclusion I need to up my portion sizes.

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Cereal- 11g

Eggs (with mustard seeds, veggies, and soy "bacon")- 20g

Fruit and nut bar- 4g

Beans (with onion and kale), rice, and corn- 40g

Dry cereal and nuts- 14g

(Total: 89g)

Almost up to 90g!!!


I did weight training for my arms today... they were still shaking like ten minutes after I got done and during my stretching so I think it was a pretty good workout. ;P Was really just combining push-up forms, pilates, dumbell, and resistance chord exercises.

Also did some yoga.

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I rarely use protein powder. It's a bit expensive for me.. Right now I'm aiming for 130g a day, assuming I still feel good and my body doesn't have to start storing protein as fat or anything. Still kind of experimenting.

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Yes actually I just had some on my *insert name of horrible non-vegan food here*. It costs $30 here though... EVERYTHING from the health food store is insanely expensive and they don't sell it anywhere else.

Should be easier to afford this stuff (and get a job) in New York.

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Florida... the part of Florida filled with hicks.

It doesn't disintergrate or anything during shipping? I guess now lol.. was worried about that. I'll be in New York before I run out of nutritional yeast anyway.

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I've been keeping up with my workouts and protein intake, although I haven't felt like posting... it's amazing that I'm not too lazy to workout and eat right yet still too lazy to keep a journal... I could never do this sort of thing lol.

I did have a rest day because I got a bit sore. Also, I'm still having trouble with heartburn. :/ Got some antacids, maybe I just need to take them more often... I think my stomach acid must've gotten out of whack during my period.. I usually end up throwing up at that time but last month I just dry-heaved... maybe some stomach acid got out and is still running a muck in my esophagus... I'm getting sick of it though.

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Lol, awesome.

For me it's not one in particular.. I'm really just inspired by them. She Hulk's arms, Phoenix's abs, Felicia's ass, X-23's obliques/dancer body (why she has the stomach of a dancer is beyond me but w/e), Morrigan's legs, Viper's technologically advanced boots, Trish's attitude... and my own boobs because big tits don't suit me. xD


I would want Hsien Ko's weapons too but unfortunately they're rather illegal.

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Also, update on my journal... didn't get to eat much yesterday because I had heartburn (even when I wasn't eating at all :/). Although I intended to do either HIIT or lunges and running, I ended up just dancing due to the pain and my chest and not being able to eat.


So far I feel fine today but we'll see...

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Alright yesterday I did a mixture of jogging and 160 lunges whilst wielding my middle finger.. since as long as I can remember, I haven't been able to walk on a sidewalk without someone honking or whistling and frankly I'm quite sick of it. I planned to do lunges until I couldn't do anymore, but part of me wonders if I stopped because I had nothing left or I was sick of people honking. But, nontheless, I am sore so I guess I did well.


I ate..

nuts and dry cereal

3 "cookies" (it's not as bad as it sounds! a wafer with dark chocolate and pecans)

beans and rice (+hummus... I was craving hummus) with corn on the cob

Fruit smoothie with hemp protein and a granola bar

"Chik'n" nuggets and whole wheat pita bread with hummus and raw spinach

3 modest bites of the coffee shop cake my husband had


I am bringing myself to truly despire dairy more and more. I got a latte but of course they didn't have soy milk... they never do around here. I hope when I move to NY I can further adjust myself to a vegan diet and hopefully make some vegan friends too! WHich would be a big step... I can't make any friends let alone vegan ones.

On another bright note, I am so ecstatic to have spinach again. For some reason I'll occassionally want something different (like artisan lettuce) but then I only end up missing my precious spinach. In fact I ate spinach plain and raw just a few hours ago... lol. Dunno why I like it so much.

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