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Ideal EAA+BCAA+Leucine ratio for optimal benefits

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Hi guys,


Thanks to some of you, i replaced the whey protein in my diet with EAAs and BCAAs about a year ago. I have generally had a good experience with them (much easier on the stomach among other things) but was wondering if i was ingesting the ideal ratio. I know a lot of you have been taking these, and was wondering if anyone can look at my usual mix below and offer advice before i commit to another 5kgs of it:


L-Glutamine by the Pound 15%

Branch Chain Amino Acids INSTANTIZED (BCAA's) 35%

Essential Amino Acids (EAA's) by the Pound 35%

Leucine 4:1:1 by the Pound 15%


I have a feeling i may be taking too much of the Glutamine. Currently i take 1 scoop (10gms) pre and post workout (little more if it was really intense). Thanks for all your help!

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EAAs vs BCAAs hasn't been studied so I'm not sure there's much to go on regarding that blend is most effective.


FYI it looks like you're building this from TrueProtein. Their normal leucine, in the instantized bcaas and eaas, are derived from duck feathers. You'll need to choose the Ajinomoto products.but there's no EAA from them yet.


Edit: Also there are plenty of people who report that glutamine helps, but studies have consistently found that it has little or no benefit. If you feel you're taking too much you should be safe reducing or eliminating it.

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