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Vegetarian newbie

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Hey everybody!


So let me give you a little bit of backstory. I'm a 6'1 58kg VEGETARIAN male. I'm pretty skinny as you can probably imagine, and would like to even out somewhat (I personally enjoy being skinny, just not this skinny/boney). The reason that I've decided to start gaining weight and muscle is that my inner arm (above my elbow) is ALOT smaller than my elbow/forearm area and it looks really weird...I want to even this out so I can have a normal arm! It seems silly but its what finally pushed me to do something about my weight.


Okay! So anyway...I come to you with a few questions. How much should I be eating? What sort of excercises are vital to evening out that problem with my arms? Is it doable on a vegetarian diet? Do's and don't's? I'm aiming for the high 60's...is that achievable? Any advice at all is welcome, I just want to have a decent looking body!


Thanks in advance!

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I agree with Gulliver that light weight training is a great place to start, along with pull-ups and push-ups. If you can't do pull-ups then do the assisted pull-ups with the machine.


Since you are wanting to focus on your elbow area you are going to be wanting to do some good arm exercises, biceps, triceps and forearms included so you can get a whole rounded look with them. The good thing is when you first start is when you see the largest results, so you can possibly fix this problem within a couple months.


Best of luck.

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