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Hey everyone. I thought I would share....

A couple of days ago i ordered some noodles and tofu at a fast food japanese joint. They grill the food on this really big frying surface. You could see it from where I was standing and I started wondering how well they clean this surface between orders ... apparently not very well as there were small bits of meat in my plate. Lucky for my omnivore friend who got two plates for the price of one


I've been vegan for a few years but never really paid too much attention to cross-contamination. Now I won't eat at any of my favorite asian restaurants for the fear of the cook preparing my meal without really washing the wok first. Not to mention any fast food burger place where they fry meat in the same fryer as the french fries. Dayum. what a buzzkill.

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Same. If I eat at a non-veg restaurant I just kind of accept that there might be cross-contamination, but I would freak out if there were actual bits of meat in my food.

I concur. It happened to me at a Noodle World and there was chicken and egg in there, I just told em I was allergic to animal protein and they couldn't be more sorry. Its like saying bomb on a plane, if you say you are allergic to something, they will make sure not to put it in there, but if its a minor note on the order they might miss it or just DGAF about it.

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