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The next BIG thing in Vegan Bodybuilding! = Derek Tresize


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I finally met up with forum member Derek who is known for being featured on the front of www.veganbodybuilding.com for the past year and for making the semi-finals in the Bodybuilding.com Bodyspace Challenge, and his before and after photos on the forum.


We met on the vegan-themed Caribbean Cruise and I have to say....this guy has IT!


Derek has everything it takes to be the new poster boy for Vegan Bodybuilding! He's got the look, the confidence, the credentials, the charisma, the positive attitude, the smile, the physique, the work ethic and the drive to make it.


I could go on and on about Derek.....but I figured I'd post some photos of him I took myself last week.


Check out this young up and coming Vegan Bodybuilding star!
















79 photos from our training sessions are here in this album:



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Thanks for all the feedback everyone!


Derek and I spent a whole week together. He was there on my birthday having dinner with me, was stopping me in the gym when I was worn out, weak and short on sleep. My physique suffered a bit that week, but he kept me going.


He also ate like a machine! He and his wife are an amazing Vegan Muscle and Fitness Team and will be heavily involved in the NEW version of VBB.com. Some of you know I've been working closely with Richard for months on this new site. I've been writing tons of new material, providing new photos and videos, etc.


I thought I was getting in amazing shape back in Jan and Feb and then I met up with Derek in late Feb/early March and he showed me I have a long way to go!


He and I plan to compete together in July. Ed and Jimi may join us. His physique is far superior to mine but I'm looking to be at "my" very best.


I have more pics too and a few of the two of us together that are on his camera.


What a great guy!

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Let's see pics from Baltimore VegFest after this weekend!


Would love to see some group pics.


Have fun meeting our other DC VBB members!


Stay SWOL!





Will do!!!! Can't wait, and gettin' SWOL-er all the time

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