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Workout finishers?

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I was wondering if other people here use finishers at the end of their workout? I've been doing simple experiementing for couple weeks and have really liked them. I mostly do them to better my conditioning and hopefully help me lose some more fat I also take a minute of rest after every set of finisher.


Currently after upper body day I do pushups, usually 10 at a time for total of 30-40 reps. I aim to do a bit more every workout and thus far I have been able to add few reps every workout. At the end of a lower body workout I've done bodyweight squats, usually 50 at a time for 150-200 reps. I first tried hindu squats, but they were way too easy and light. Regular bodyweight squats have felt far more challenging and seem to have helped strenghten the bottom position of the squat. Next I'll propably try lunges, as bodyweight squats are starting to get too easy now.


So, what finishers do you use and why? Tips and links and the like are also welcome

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This is one of my favorite ways to end a strength workout. Some of my favorites:




Do 50 push-ups, then 50 squats, then 40 push-ups, 40 squats...10 push-ups, 10 squats


50 or 100 burpees depending on were your level is at



10 x 50m (sprint 50, jog or walk back to start)


Hill sprints


Jump rope

60 seconds on/30 seconds rest

5 rounds


30 seconds on/ 15 seconds rest


Kettlebell or dumbell swings

15 reps x 3 sets

rest 1 min between sets

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^^I've done two of his workouts. Well not an entire workout, but parts. They are brutal. One was a front squat/burpee combo and the one I did yesterday was

5 burpees

5 squats

5 push-ups

20 jumping jacks

20 mountain climbers

Do all of it in 90 seconds. The faster you finish, the longer the rest.

30 rounds

I'm still feeling it today.

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IRV, I do something along the same lines as you do. I'll do something low weight high rep that BURNS. For example for curls I will do the 45 pound bar 50 times, without putting it down at all and no more than 5 second breaks (of holding it). Or I will do like 500 curls while walking on the treadmill (250 on each arm) with 8 pound weights - this is a burner here.


Or chest I will do the 45 pound bar 75 times without a rest.


I just do stuff like that to finish off, something that burns like crazy.

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