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Vegetarian references in songs


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I love it when some kind of reversed animal cruelty reference is made in music.

For example:


First line is "In that final look, does the deer forgive the wolf?"

Also "Are we the shepherds, or are we sheep?

Are we the butchers, or are we meat?"


I'd love to hear some others too.

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It's just that reversed perspective.. that first line made me think about whether or not it's forgiveable to eat other animals to feed your own family (even though wolves obviously have no other choice) . Then the other two, with as badly as we treat others (human or not) and as supreme and divine as we think we are, we're still meat, and we're still "forced" into a lot of things and exploited by political big wigs as if we were sheep.

Otep Shamaya is a vegetarian too (dunno if she's fully vegan, but she did a Peta interview).


I'll check out some of those bands. Glad to see Emilie Autumn is already on there.. she's one of my favorite musicians.

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Yeah the video definitely made the song better lol.. don't think I would have tolerated that song at all if I wasn't watching the video.


It also made me wonder why anyone would drain a pig's blood before killing it... it's not kosher anyway but idk maybe they're trying to make it less fattening or something? lol

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