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Need Some Advice About Moving Please

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I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place right now and could use a little advice.


What's going on is basically there is a bill in Congress that's going to be passed in 8 months that is going to cut housing funding. (My landlady told us this already) And our rent is going to be increased 300%- I'm not exaggerating. We currently live in Indiana and theres nothing here. Much less the ability to afford that much of rent increase. It'll be a domino affect, the tenants in our apt complex will mostly move out, as well as the landlady and maintenence crew will leave and the apt will turn into a slum. There are no jobs here as it is, and to make the matters worse, I have no car. (No buses around here either)


My cargo is this: 1 paraplegic wife, and 1 anxiety-med-needing 15 pound dog. As well as whatever we bring with us which honestly could fill the back of a van maybe halfway. My wife doesn't drive.


That being said..Our destination is New Jersey. Our family and friends live there and we are pretty much isolated over here. So it makes sense to go back to where we have some sort of network, plus the ability to find a job would be greater because I know the layout there much better (I lived in NJ for the first 18 years of my life before moving out here)



Give or take a few miles this is going to be an 800 mile trip. As far as I know, we're pretty much on our own with how we're going to go about doing this. Driving a uhaul is out, because my wife can't get into the passenger side of the truck, it's just too high. Flying is out as well, because there's a chance my dog could die in the cargo since he's too big to be in the cabin with us. Getting a rental car is defintely an option but finding a roof would be a problem once we got there. Unless we rent a cargo van and lived in it for who knows how long. We're both just very fed up with this state, I've been here almost 5 years and her almost 8 years, it's really given us nothing. Except alot of stress and we're ready for a change.











If anyone has any plan or advice they could offer us, it'd be really great. Thanks


PS..The cheaper the better.

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At one time, the problem of moving was very acute for me, due to life circumstances I was forced to change my place of residence and university. And at the university I was asked to write an essay on the history of urbanization, this topic is very familiar to me, but I found perfect examples https://studentshare.org/history/1675228-how-did-some-urban-housing-reforms-of-the-late-nineteenth-century-eventually-add-to-urban-blight of where to get information.

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