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The Los Mangoles Sessions

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I'm undergoing chiropractic right now for some minor spinal mis-alignments. Yesterday as part of tracking my progress I got measured on my chiropractor's BCM. Here are the results. I think this will be a good start for this blog:


Body type: STANDARD

Gender: MALE

AGE: 29

HEIGHT: 6'2" / 188cm

CLOTHES WEIGHT: 4lbs / 1.8kg

Weight: 165.8lbs / 75.4kg

FAT%: 13.0%

FAT MASS: 21.6lbs / 9.8kg

FFM: 144.2lbs / 65.5kg

MUSCLE MASS: 137.0lbs / 62.3kg

TOTAL BODY WATER: 96.6lbs / 43.9kg


BONE MASS: 7.2lbs / 3.3kg

BASE METABOLIC RATE: 7950 kJ / 1900 kCal







Compare this with before I went vegan, I was vegetarian/junkatarian 182lbs / 18% body fat at the beginning of 2011. That means I've lost 11lbs of fat and 6lbs of muscle. CRAP. Looks like it's time to cowboy-up on ye olde calories!

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Robert, sure that would be awesome! There are two Texas Tough Mudders in early 2012, one the weekend of Jan 28/29 on the coast and then another one the weekend of Mar 31 / Apr 1 in Dallas. The tricky thing is that 3/31 is also the day of Texas Vegfest in Austin. So I'm torn on whether I want to do the April 1st one as well.


More Tough Mudder training from a few days ago. First shot is a PR on full-dangle chinups.

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Well, well, well, if it isn't Iron Clad Ben himself! Nice to see you here

And in case you're wondering, I'm a fellow blogger, reader of your blog and occasional commenter. Cool thing that you got all your complete stats at the chiropractor's. Isn't it exciting to find out what your 'real' age is? I'm also 29, but 'really' 12. So, yay us


All the best to you!


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Thanks for the greeting! Hello again.


If I remember correctly when I commented on your blog you were the person thinking about doing a 21-day vegan kickstart. Is that right? And I guess you decided to stay vegan? If so that's AWESOME! If not, sorry for remembering poorly. See ya around on here

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You are absolutely right, that was me! Awesome memory you got there, Ben.


Yep, the vegan thing felt kind of great (surprise surprise!) and so I've kept it on. I just watched the last video about Tough Mudder posted on your blog. Holy cow! You've done it before and I'm sure you'll do fantastic again, my hat's definitely off to you! Maybe someday I'll see you there

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So cool to hear! Now I'm inspired even more.


Tough Mudder is amazing, I recommend it to anyone who thinks they're super fit, or wants to be. Training for it will force you to the next level. BTW, you may have seen, the female champion of Toughest Mudder (the 24-hour race version), Juliana Sproles is vegan. We are taking over!


Friday: Rest day. Recorded a No Meat Athlete podcast with Matt Frazier and Brendan Brazier. It will be up early next week! Brendan is up to some really cool stuff. I'll post a link to it when it's ready.

Saturday: Bar-barian workout in the park. Brought my dogs who were a big hit with all the kiddos. Also, a lot of kids started trying to do push-ups, pull ups and other stuff on the bars. Glad to inspire fitness in the little kids. Get 'em started early!!


What I've been eating




Coconut water


Forgot to mention I hit up Au Lac's in L.A. Thursday night and it was OFF THE CHAIN. It's a vegan / raw-vegan restaurant in Fountain Valley, CA. If anyone is ever in L.A. you must check this place out. Even my omni co-worker loved it. We got raw soup, raw sushi and then some Vietnamese stir fry entrees. It was INCREDIBLE.

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Yo, Ben!


How is the training coming along?


I'm getting excited about my journey to Austin which will begin in exactly 2 weeks with many stops along the way.


Glad you guys had Brendan on the podcast. How did it go? I talked with him an hour or two after it. He mentioned talking with Matt, but I didn't realize it was for the podcast. Cool!


Hope all is well and I'm looking forward to meeting up in a matter of weeks!


Maybe you'll want to drop by for a few hours when kareno and I are preparing nearly 200 prize packages to ship out for the New You for the New Year Challenge finishers


I think we'll make a party out of it. I did the same when my book came out and I had 500+ pre-orders to ship out. 15 people showed up for a packing party


Go eat some bananas and run somewhere and I'll see you soon!



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I am so intrigued by your 80/10/10 diet and keep telling myself I'm going to give it a try. I assume you just eat fruit until you're satisfied, but I'm curious as to exactly what you eat and when on a given day, especially your fueling/refueling for long runs and strength work.


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OK sure here's what I ate on Saturday to give you an example:


Breakfast (8:30am)

32oz water

3lbs grapes



64oz Banana-spinach smoothie (12pm)

5 dates


Post-workout refuel (3:30pm):

64oz Banana-blueberry-spinach smoothie


Dinner (7pm)

Veggie dip (1/2 avocado, 1/2 tomato, 1 lemon, basil - blended in vitamix)

With 1 sliced cucumber and 8oz carrots


This was probably just under 4,000 calories, with the bulk of them being mid-day. Since fruit and vegetables are less calorie-dense than other foods, you need to eat more in a sitting. This takes time to develop the stomach capacity. In the beginning you may get full off something like 5 bananas, but you won't be satiated. Now I typically eat 12-15 bananas as a meal and that is extremely satiating/satisfying. It's hard to jump right into 80/10/10 you have to ease into it, slowly building up your fruit intake.


So if you want to try it I would say 1) eat as much fruit as you care for at the beginning of most meals. 2) Go to www.foodnsport.com and pay the $30 to get the 80/10/10 diet book. It is a WEALTH of information about diet and health. Doug Graham has been a vegan since the 70s and a raw vegan since the late 70s/ early 80s. So the book represents decades of research and wisdom. It is really is fantastic, I can't recommend it highly enough. You will learn a lot.

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Yo! Did you see my post at the bottom of the previous page?


Hope to see you join us for a big forum party in Austin to celebrate the completion of this program and collectively eat a bunch of food, share some laughs, listen to some music and prepare 200 packages to ship out


Have a great one!



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Yo! Did you see my post at the bottom of the previous page?


Hope to see you join us for a big forum party in Austin to celebrate the completion of this program and collectively eat a bunch of food, share some laughs, listen to some music and prepare 200 packages to ship out


Have a great one!



Whoah totally missed that when the blog went to the next page, thanks for following up. I just sent you an email. Should be fun! See ya.

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Thanks Ben! Now I'm even more intrigued... 12-15 bananas in one sitting! I'm more of a salad and greens girl. I can go through 12-15 cups of greens in a day, easy. My salad bowl is a family-sized pasta serving bowl.

Greens are a must! I should mention that those smoothies had about 3/4lb of spinach in them. So when my smoothies aren't green, I'm doing salads. 80/10/10 should really be 50/50 fruits/greens by volume, but calorically it's more like 95-99%/1-5% since leafy greens have almost no calories (but tons of minerals and vitamins).

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Alright. Training this week:


Monday: Bar workout

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: Bar workout

Thursday: Tempo run, max speed seems to be increasing.

Friday: Interval run, didn't feel so fast today. Trying to kick the speed up a notch I felt like I was running through molasses.


Oranges for breakfast, knocking back some datorade now.

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