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Of course I'd get back from vacation and get sick. I had fly like symptoms for a few days, and it took about two weeks for my chest congestion to clear up enough for me to be able to run again. Back to the gym yesterday, and this time, I have less restrictions. I still have some, like no wide grip pull ups, no deadlifting over 70 kilos, or doing anything heavy, for that matter, but it's better than nothing. I'm also done going to physical therapy, just doing it from home now.



weight: 106 kg

standing barbell military press - 20kgx10 25x10 30x10 35x10

bench dip - bodyweightx10x5

close grip lat pulldown - 150x10x5



weight: 106.15 kg

deadlift - 40kgx10 70x10x5

good morning - 20kgx10 40x10x5

roman chair leg raise - bodyweightx10x3

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weight: 105.15 kg

standing calf raise - 90x15x5

dumbbell shrug - 50x15x5

rope pushdown - 100x10x3 super set with

dumbbell curl - 30x10x3


Just went in to do some light assistance work, mainly hitting muscles which don't get hit directly otherwise in my routine.



weight: 105.35 kg

bench press - 45x10 95x10 115x10 135x10x3

incline dumbbell press - 50x8 40x10x2 40x8x2

dumbbell row - 50x10x5


Left shoulder was feeling a little unstable, so I took it pretty easy.



weight: 104.85 kg

back squat - 20kgx10 40x10 60x5 80x5x3

front squat - 40x5 60x5x5

leg curl - 80x10 90x10 80x10x3


I'm gonna high bar squat for a while, as my quads have always lagged behind my hamstrings, which I think is one of the reasons I deadlift so much more than I squat. Hopefully this helps even it out.



weight: 106

standing barbell military press - 20kgx10 25x10 30x10 35x10 40x8 7 6

bench dip - bodyweightx12x4 10

close grip lat pulldown - 150x10x4 8

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weight: 106.75 kg

deadlift - 40kgx10 70x10 90x10x3

good morning - 20kgx10 45x10x3

roman chair leg raise - bodyweightx10x5


Only did 3 sets of good morning because my left hamstring was feeling super tight, and I could tell if I did another set, I would aggravate it. No shoulder pain on the deadlifts.



weight: 105.90 kg

bench press - 45x10 65x10 95x10 135x10x3

incline dumbbell press - 40x10x5

dumbbell row - 55x10x5


Everything felt pretty alright today. I'll probably stay at 135 on the bench for a while, just until my shoulder starts feeling more stable.

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weight: 105.95 kg

high bar back squat - 20 kgx10 40x5 60x5 90x5x5

front squat - 65kgx5x5

leg curl - 80x10x3 12x2


I train in an Olympic lifting gym, and there are a bunch of Oly shoes on shelves for people to use who don't have their own. I was surprised the other day when I found a pair that actually fits me (I'm a size 14). Squatting in them felt great. I could feel my torso staying more upright, and a stronger emphasis in my quads.

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weight: 106.45 kg

standing barbell military press - 20kgx10 25x6 30x6 35x6 40x10x2 8

bench dip - bodyweightx13x3 12x2

close grip lat pull down - 150x10x5


Added a few minutes on the rower to my normal warm up. Shoulder is starting to feel more consistently stable in the gym and waking up with less soreness.

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weight: 106.65 kg

deadlift - 40kgx10 70x10 100x10x5

good morning - 20kgx10 45x10x5

roman chair leg raise - bodyweightx12x3


When I stopped going to physical therapy a few weeks, I was told not to deadlift over 135 lbs for a while. My doctor also told me I'd probably never do any heavy lifting again. I don't think I'll be listening to them.

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weight: 105.75 kg

bench press - 45x10 65x10 95x10 135x10x3

incline dumbbell press - 40x12x3 10x2

dumbbell row - 40x10 60x10x5


Went into the gym the next day to squat. Did my warm up sets and got into my work sets. On my first work set, I started to feel a twinge in my lower back at the bottom of the lift, so after 5 reps I decided to walk away. I've learned the hard way not to push through that. My back ended up tightening up more and more over the next hour or so, to a point that was pretty painful, so I decided to take the next week off and just let it heal.



weight: 106.75 kg

standing barbell military press - 20kgx10 25x8 30x6 35x4 40x10x2 7

parallel bar dip - bodyweightx6 5x3

cat back lat pulldown - 120x10 150x10 140x10 130x9


Went for a run right before the gym and was pretty worn out. I was nervous about trying regular dips, but they felt pretty alright. Cat back lat pulldowns are something I saw on Brandon Lilly's (inventor of the cube method) youtube channel, and thought I'd give them a try. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk5rk1pW1ek. My lats are sore as hell today from them.



weight: 107.15 kg

deadlift - 20kgx10 50x10 70x5 100x5 140x5

hyperextension - bodyweightx15x3

hanging leg raise - bodyweightx8x2

standing cable crunch - 120x15x3

reverse hyperextension - bodyweightx15x3


I was nervous about deadlifting after my lower back twinge a little over a week ago, but it went fine. I didn't want to push my luck with good mornings, like I would normally do, so I went with hypers instead, and actually got a great pump in my lower back. I wasn't really feeling the hanging leg raises in my abs, so I switched up the exercise. Finished off with reverse hypers as a safety measure.

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weight: 107.75 kg

standing calf raise - 90x10 140x15x3

seated calf raise - 135x10x3

dumbbell shrug - 40x10 60x15x5

cable uncrossover - 40x10x4

rope pushdown - 100x10x3

super set with

dumbbell curl - 30x10x3


Just went in to hit some muscle groups that don't really get any direct work on my normal days. Nothing heavy, but got a nice sweat going and felt good after.



weight: 107.95 kg

bench press - 45x10 65x10 95x5x2 135x10x2 12

incline dumbbell press - 40x12x5

pendlay row - barx10 +45x10x5


This was my first attempt at Pendlay rows, and I'm sold. I've been worried about going heavy on dumbbell rows because of my shoulder, and this is a great solution. Extra grip work and still a great back workout, without having to use as heavy weights.


Also, I've started walking every day. First thing in the morning, I walk for an hour, at a brisk pace. It equates to about 4 miles, and it feels good.

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weight: 107.25 kg

high bar squat - 20kgx10 50x5x2 70x3x2 100x5x5

front squat - 50kgx5 70x5x5

lying leg curl - 80x12x5

reverse hyperextension - bodyweightx20x3


Everything felt good today. Probably the best work out I've had since I've been back in the gym the last few weeks.

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weight: 107.15 kg

standing barbell military press - 20kgx10x2 25x5 30x5 35x5 40x10x3

bench dip - bodyweightx15x2 13 10

cat back lat pull down - 120x15x3 12x2



weight: 107.75

deadlift - 50kgx10 70x5 100x5 120x5 150x5x3

hyperextension - bodyweightx15x4

decline sit up - bodyweightx12x2 10

reverse hyperextension - bodyweightx20x3



weight: 107.05

standing calf raise - 90x10 180x15x3

seated calf raise - 135x15x3

rope pushdown - 70x10 100x12x3 super set with

dumbbell hammer curl - 20x8 30x12x3


Had a friend come into town from Buffalo Thursday morning and stay for the weekend, so I took off from the gym so we could hang out during the day. My collarbone wasn't feeling so hot after deadlifts, so it's probably good I took a few days off.



weight: 107.35 kg

military press - 20kgx10x2 25x5 30x5 35x5 40x10x3

parallel bar dip - bodyweightx8x2 6x2 5

cat back lat pulldown - 120x15x3 12 10


Shoulder girdle was still sore from deadlifts last week. Gonna back off the weight for this week and see how it goes. Decided to get back on my rehab exercises.

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Just a little update for anyone interested. I haven't given up on lifting. I still have shoulder pain. I haven't been to a doctor, as I still don't have health insurance, but I know I'm definitely not completely healed. I got a new job, which I started Monday. I no longer work nights and crazy hours. Just having a normal schedule makes things so much easier. One of those things is getting into a normal lifting schedule. So I signed up for a gym with two of my friends. My old gym is closed down until further notice, and has been that way for months. So I started lifting again on Monday. I've kept everything light, making sure I don't disturb my shoulder. I have no idea when I'll be fully healed. Hopefully the Obamacare site gets everything straightened out, and I can get insured and get this taken care of. But here's what this week looked like for me.



standing barbell military press - 45x10x5

lat pulldown - 100x10 130x10x3

back squat - 45x10 95x5x3

rear dumbbell flye - 10x10x2



weight: 221.5

deadlift - 45x10 95x10 135x10x3 185x10

good morning - 45x10 95x10x3

standing cable crunch - 50x15x3

dumbbell bench press - 35x10x3

cable face pull - 50x10x3



weight: 225

dumbbell bench press - 30x10 40x10x2

barbell bench press - 45x10 95x10x3

dumbbell skull crusher - 20x10 15x10x3

dumbbell row - 40x10x3

shoulder rehab exercises



weight: 221

back squat - 45x10 95x10 135x10 155x8x2 175x5

front squat - 135x3x5

45 degree back extension - bodyweightx10x2


Everything still feels fine, nothing disturbed. I also just feel so much better being back in the gym. I already feel more spry. Also, a really cool thing about my gym is that even though it's a chain, the guy who owns it is into strongman and powerlifting, so they have bands, chains, two sleds, a log press apparatus, a giant tire and sledge hammer, etc. Not that I'll be using any of that in the near future, but it's nice to know it's there when I'm ready.

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weight: 223

standing barbell military press - 25x10x2 45x10x4

lat pulldown - 100x10 130x10x4

cable pushdown - 60x10 50x10x2

back squat - 45x10 95x5 (3 second pause at the bottom of each rep)

shoulder rehab exercises


The squats were just to break up fascia. I will be doing a few light sets each lifting day of the previous session's primary movement for this purpose.

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Weight: 226

Fat grip trap bar deadlift - 55x10 145x10 195x10 235x10

Standing barbell military press - 25x10x3

Good morning - 45x10 95x10x3

Standing cable crunch - 50x15x4


I decided to deadlift with the trap bar with fat grips for the time being, seeing as I have to greatly restrict the weight, due to my shoulder. So I might as well build up my grip strength as much as possible. I had to cut my work out just a bit short because I had to go to a work training.

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weight: 222

swiss bar bench press - 35x10x2 85x10 105x10x3

dumbbell triceps extension - 15x12x2 15x10

dumbbell row - 40x10 50x10x3

deadlift - 135x10x3

shoulder rehab exercises


I decided to give the Swiss bar a try, as I've heard it's good for people with shoulder pain, and I know doing dumbbell presses with a neutral grip is less painful. I didn't really notice a difference. In fact, if anything, I'd say it was more painful than a regular grip, so I'll switch back next week and see how it goes. Everything else felt good.

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weight: 224.5

back squat - 45x5x2 95x5x2 135x10 185x5x5

front squat - 135x4x5

bench press - 45x5 95x5x3 done with a three second pause on the chest on each rep

45 degree hyperextension - bodyweightx12x3


I love Friday nights in the gym; there's hardly anyone there. Everything felt good.

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weight: 226

standing barbell military press - 25x10x2 45x10x5

back squat - 45x5 95x5 135x5 all done with a 5 second pause at the bottom of each rep

lat pulldown - 100x10 130x10x5

cable pushdown - 50x10x5

shoulder rehab exercises



weight: 226

standing barbell military press - 25x10 45x10

trap bar fat grip deadlift - 55x10 105x10145x10 195x10 245x10x3

good morning - 45x10 95x10x4

standing cable crunch - 60x15x5


Everything felt pretty good today. My right hamstring is always tighter than my left, and I think today I figured out that I tend to bend my left leg slightly more when doing good mornings, not putting as much tension on that hamstring. My lower back was a little tight, so I'm just going to make sure to stretch it well tonight. My new gym has 24 hour key card access, and I never thought that would matter, until today when we got a bunch of snow, and nobody was in the gym. Very thankful now for the key card.

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weight: 227.5

trap bar fat grip deadlift - 55x10 105x10 145x10x3

dumbbell hammer curl - 20x10 30x10x3

seated calf raise - 45x10 90x10x3 done with a one second pause at the top and bottom of each rep

45 degree hyperextension - bodyweightx10x4

cable face pull - 50x15x3

prowler sled push - sled+135x200 ft x 2


Today was supposed to be a rest day for me, but now that I'm back in the groove at the gym, and I'm still going light on everything, I felt like I needed a little more volume, and I wanted to hit some muscles which weren't getting any direct work. Also, I had a really stressful day at work today, and needed to blow off some steam. This was my first time using a prowler sled, as I never had access to one until I joined this gym. Both sets were done pushing the sled the length of the gym (which I estimated at about 50 feet) and back two times. I haven't felt that close to puking from working out in a long time, so naturally I'm hooked. My nervous system is definitely shaken up, and I will be taking an epsom salt bath right after I finish typing this up.

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Been super busy recently. Moved into a new place on the 1st, and just now getting all caught up on everything.



bench press - 45x10 95x10x5

dumbbell triceps extension - 15x12x3

dumbbell row - 40x10 50x12x3

shoulder rehab



weight: 227

back squat - 45x10 95x5 135x10 205x5x5

front squat - 135x5x4

45 degree hyperextension - bodyweightx10x4



weight: 226

standing barbell military press - 25x10 35x10 45x12x5

back squat - 45x5 95x5 135x10

lat pulldown - 100x10 130x12 130x10x4

cable pushdown - 50x12x5

shoulder rehab



weight: 228

trap bar fat grip deadlift - 55x10 105x10 155x10 205x10 255x10 10 7

good morning - 95x12 115x10 125x10 135x10

standing cable crunch - 70x15x4



weight: 228.5

dumbbell triceps extension - 15x12x4

bench press - 45x10 65x10 95x12x5

dumbbell row - 40x10 50x10x4



back squat - 45x5x2 95x5 135x5 185x8x4

front squat - 135x5x5

45 degree hyperextension - bodyweightx12x4

prowler sled push - 135x200 ft 135x100 ftx2



weight: 228

back squat - 45x5x2 95x5 135x5x2

standing barbell military press - 35x10 45x15x5

lat pulldown - 100x10 130x12x5

cable pushdown - 50x12x5

shoulder rehab & reverse hypers



weight: 227

standing dumbbell military press - 20x10x3

trap bar fat grip deadlift - 55x10 105x10 145x10

deadlift - 185x10 225x10x3 275x8

good morning - 45x10 95x10 135x10x4

standing cable crunch - 70x15x5

revere hypers



weight: 228

bench press - 45x10x2 95x15x5

dumbbell row - 40x10 50x10x5

dumbbell triceps extension - 15x12x3

trap bar fat grip deadlift - 145x10x3

shoulder rehab & reverse hypers



back squat - 45x5x2 95x5 135x5 185x5 225x5 245x3 275x2

front squat - 135x3x10

45 degree hyperextension - bodyweight+fierce bandx15 12x3

reverse hypers



weight: 230

bench press - 45x10 95x5 125x3x8

close grip bench press - 135x8x4

incline dumbbell press - 45x10x5

lat pulldown - 100x10 145x10x5

shoulder rehab & reverse hypers

prowler sled push - 135x100ftx2



weight: 231

deficit deadlift (4 inch box) - 45x10 135x10 185x5 225x3 275x3 315x1 335x1 365x1

45 degree hyperextension - bodyweightx10 bodyweight+25x15x3 10

standing cable crunch - 70x15x5



weight: 234

bench press - 45x10x2 95x5x2 135x5 155x3 175x2 185x1 195x1 205x1

cable pushdown - 55x10 65x10x5

dumbbell side lateral raise - 10x10 15x12x4

shoulder rehab & reverse hypers

prowler sled push - 90x200 ftx2



weight: 234

box squat - 45x5x2 95x5 135x3 150x2x10

good morning - 95x10 135x10x4

roman chair leg raise - bodyweightx10x4

reverse hypers & shoulder rehab



weight: 232

45 degree hyperextension - bodyweightx12x3

standing barbell military press - 45x10x4

seated calf raise - 45x15 90x12x3

dumbbell hammer curl - 25x10 35x10x3

cable face pull - 50x15 60x15x3

kettle bell clean and press - 12kgx5 15kgx5x3

prowler sled push - 180x100ftx3



weight: 233

bench press - 45x10 95x5 125x3x8

close grip bench press - 135x10x3 8

incline dumbbell press - 50x10x5

lat pulldown - 110x10 145x12x2 10x2

shoulder rehab & reverse hypers

battle ropes - 3 rounds @30 seconds


So as of 2.10.2014 I switched to Westside. I love Westside, but felt it was unnecessary when I first went back to the gym. My shoulder has been feeling progressively better since being back, so I decided it was time to make the transition. I'm still not pushing things to absolute failure, but definitely starting to go heavier. All my reps on presses and squats have been done with a full pause since being back on Westside.

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weight: 234

deficit deadlift (4" box) - 135x10 185x5 225x5 275x3 315x2 365x1 375x1 385x1

45 degree hyperextension - bodyweight+fierce bandx15x5

standing cable crunch - 80x15x3 80x12x2

prowler sled push - sled+180x200ft sled+180x100 ft sled+115x200 ft

reverse hyperextension - 15x20x3


We unfortunately don't have a reverse hyper machine at my gym, so i just lay my torso across a waist high box, strap weight to my feet, and perform the movement that way.

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Great log. Keep it up. Alot of people talk trash about doing the Westside system but I've found that its the best way for me to get stronger without injuring myself. That's a solid deadlift from a deficit. My back hurts just thinking about it haha.

Ha thanks man. I hit 550 from a deficit before I tore my rotator cuff. Hoping to get back to that as quickly as possible. You're hitting some solid ass numbers. And I agree, Westside is great. Just look at their lifters. The results are undeniable.

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