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MoshxDeLaney's lifting log

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weight: 233

bench press - 45x10x2 95x5 135x5 155x3 185x1 195x1 215x1

cable pushdown - 50x10 65x12x3 65x10x2

dumbbell side lateral raise - 10x10 12x15x5

shoulder rehab work


Shoulder wasn't feeling great after the pushdowns, and I had to get home because I had my sister come over for dinner, so I didn't do any cardio after.

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weight: 234.5

box squat - 45x5 95x5 135x5 (done paused without box) 165x2x10

good morning - 95x10 135x12x4

jack knife - bodyweightx10x3

reverse hyper extension - 20x20x3

battle ropes - 2 rounds @ 30 seconds



weight: 232

bench press - 45x10 85x5 95x5 125x3x8

close grip bench press - 135x10x4

incline bench press - 95x10 115x8 135x5x2 135x8

lat pulldown - 100x10 145x12x4

shoulder rehab work

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weight: 234

deficit deadlift (4" box) - 45x10 135x10 185x5 225x5 275x3 315x2 365x1 375x1 395x1

45 degree hyperextension - bodyweightx10 ruthless band 15x2 12x3

standing cable crunch - 80x15x5

battle ropes - 3 rounds @ 30 seconds

reverse hyperextension - 20x20x3


395 from a deficit felt pretty easy. Thought about going 405, but decided to just leave it for next week. My shoulder is a little sore from benching yesterday. A rest day tomorrow will be good.

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weight: 234

bench press - 45x5x2 95x5 135x5 155x3 185x1 205x1 225x1

cable pushdown - 50x15 65x15

swiss bar skull crusher - 55x10x4

dumbbell side lateral raise - 10x15 15x13x5

shoulder rehab & reverse hypers

battle ropes - 4 rounds @ 30 seconds


I stopped the cable pushdowns after my first work set because they were giving me elbow pain. The skull crushers with the swiss bar were way better. Shoulder feels a little sore. I need to get an ice pack. 225 bench was touch and go, but it flew up.

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weight: 233

parallel box squat - 45x5x2 95x5 135x5 185x2x10 (warm up sets done paused without box below parallel)

good morning - 135x12x4

roman chair leg raise - bodyweightx12x4

prowler sled push - sled+135x200 ft sled+135x100 ftx2

reverse hyper - 25x15x3

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Havent seen you post for a while, how has your training been going? I steal workout routines from your journal, hope to see you post again soon.

Hey, training is going pretty well. I've been slacking on my posts (obviously), but I'll try to do a summary update soon. I've been working like crazy, but I just quit my weekend job, so I have more free time now. I'm flattered you use work outs I've posted. How's your training going?

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Haven't been on here in awhile, but lifting is going pretty well. Just finished my first round of the cube method, and I'm loving it. The final week is done as a "mock meet" which was fun. Treated it as a real powerlifting meet, with commands, pause on the bench, and all that. Hit a 405 squat in knee sleeves, 265 bench (disappointed with that), and a 555 deadlift, no belt on any lifts. I'm excited to see where the next round of the cube method takes me. Hoping to hit a 300 bench and a 600 deadlift in the next few months.

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