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MoshxDeLaney's lifting log

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Back in the gym after three weeks off. It's a rude awakening, to say the least. Muscle soreness is insane right now. Strength and energy levels are definitely down, but not for long. Only a minor stepping stone.


1.23.2012 bodyweight: 226

standing military press - 20kgx10x2, 30x10, 40x5, 49x5, 56x5, 64x7, 45x10, 9, 8

wide grip pull up - BWx8, 7, 6

dumbbell scapula rotation - 5x15, 10x20x3 super set with neck harness - 15x20, 25x25x3


1.24.2012 bodyweight: 228

deadlift - 20kgx10, 50x10, 70x5x2, 100x5x2, 148x5, 170x5, 193x6, 120x10x3

standing cable crunch - 120x15, 130x15x2

reverse hyper - BWx20x3 super set with neck curl - 5kgx20, 20, 15


1.26.2012 bodyweight: 229.5

bench press - 45x10x2, 95x10, 135x5x2, 175x5, 205x5, 230x7, 175x10, 9, 8

dumbbell row - 50x10 (per arm), 80x10x3

dumbbell scapula rotation - 5x15, 10x20x2 super set with neck harness to side - 10x15 (per side), 20x20x2

reverse pec deck - 80x15, 13

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1.27.2012 bodyweight: 229

squat - 20kgx10x2, 40x10, 60x5x2, 75x3, 90x5, 105x5, 120x7, 80x10x3

good morning - 40kgx10, 65x10x3

reverse hyper - BWx20x3


First squat session in six weeks. Went better than I expected, to be honest. Reps felt smooth and I got really deep on them, way below parallel. I was breathing pretty heavily, so looks like I need to get back on my cardio game. Overall good session though.

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1.30.2012 bodyweight: 230

military press - 20kgx10x2, 30x10, 40x5x2, 52x3, 60x3, 68x6, 45x10x4, 8

wide grip pull up - BWx7x3, 6, 5

dumbbell scapula rotation 5x15, 10x21x3 super set with neck harness - 15x20, 25x30, 28, 25


I can definitely feel my strength and and stamina coming back. I didn't get winded at all during my work out, so it's time to start pushing myself a bit more as far as shorter rest periods. My eating is back on track too, which is nice. Getting decent nutrition while on tour is tough, especially being vegan.

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1.31.2012 bodyweight: 230

deadlift - 20kgx10, 50x10, 70x5, 100x5, 120x3, 157x3, 180x3, 202x6, 125x10x5

standing cable crunch - 130x15x5

reverse hyper - BWx21x3 super set with neck curl - 5kgx20x2, 16


Felt pretty good today. Definitely back on track. Hoping to smash some records in the coming weeks. Did a little research on the conjugate method today; might give that a go after this cycle of 5/3/1 is over.

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2.2.2012 bodyweight: 229

bench press - 45x10x2, 95x5, 135x5, 155x3, 190x3, 215x3, 245x5, 175x10x5

dumbbell row - 50x10 per arm, 80x10x4, 8

dumbbell scapula rotation - 5x15, 10x22x3 super set with dumbbell shrug - 65x15, 75x15x3


A little disappointed with my bench tonight. I just couldn't get into the groove, and I was hoping for another rep on my heavy set. Oh well, there's always next week.

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2.3.2012 bodyweight: 229

squat - 20kgx10x2, 50x5x2, 70x3, 98x3, 112x3, 126x6, 80x10x4, 8

good morning - 40kgx10, 65x10x3, 9, 8

reverse hyper - BWx15x3 super set with neck bridge - BWx20 secondsx3


I actually brought my stance in a little bit from where it was, which was not as wide as a typical powerlifter stance. Definitely squatting like an Oly lifter now, and it feels pretty good. The reps feel more fluid, and I'm getting really deep. I'm toast after this session; looking forward to the weekend off from lifting.

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2.7.2012 bodyweight: 230

standing military press - 20kgx10x2, 30x5, 40x5, 50x3, 56x5, 64x3, 71x3, 45x10x5

wide grip pull up - BWx7x5

dumbbell scapula rotation - 5x10, 10x12x3 superset with neck harness - 15x20, 25x30x3


My form on the military press felt off tonight, and I realized after my heavy set what I was doing wrong. I corrected it for my higher rep sets, and they felt way smoother and easier. I know I could have gotten at least one more rep with 71 kilos had I corrected my form earlier. Live and learn.

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2.8.2012 bodyweight: 229

deadlift - 20kgx10 50x10 70x5 100x5 120x5 170x5 192x3 214x5 130x10x5

standing cable crunch - 140x15x5

reverse hyper - BWx22x3 super set with neck curl - 5kgx20, 20, 17


I had to give blood today at work for a biometric screening, so I had to fast for 8 hours before. Normally I would have eaten breakfast around 5:45 today, but I couldn't eat until after my screening, which was at 8:15, so that threw me off a bit. After that was over I stuffed my face to try to make up for the missed meal. All things considered, I'm pretty happy with tonight's work out. I took video of my last few sets of deadlifts, which I will upload in a bit.

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I am jealous of the deadlift numbers. Yo are you friends with jess goldey? I seear i have seen your username somewhere before.

Haha yes! I know exactly who you are now, I think. You were in Meantime, right?


Yah man. Hah. Thats awesome.

Meantime was awesome. Are you doing another band?

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2.9.2012 bodyweight: 229

bench press - 45x10x2 95x10 135x5 185x3 205x5 230x3 255x4 180x10x5

dumbbell row - 50x10 per arm 80x10x5

dumbbell scapula rotation - 5x10 10x12x3


On my heaviest set on the bench I lost control of the bar for a second and tweaked my shoulder. My form got sloppy, and I was able to fix it with it my back off sets so there wasn't any more damage done, but it's still fairly painful right now. Luckily next week is a deload, so it'll have some time to recover.

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2.10.2012 bodyweight: 229

squat - 20x10x2 50x5x2 70x5x2 105x5 120x3 133x3 80x10


Woke up today and my shoulder was more painful than yesterday. There is now also pain shooting down into my wrist and the base of my hand. I had to squat with my hands wide out on the bar, as opposed to keeping them in, so I wasn't able to keep my back as tight. That coupled with a bad mood and no rest day between work outs this week made for a really shitty session today. I went to my chiropractor (my dad) and he said I most likely separated the muscle slightly. Not much I can do but ice it. Luckily next week is a deload week.

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