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MoshxDeLaney's lifting log

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4.4.2012 bodyweight: 236

deficit deadlift - 50kgx3 70x3 100x3 120x3 150x2 170x2 200x1 220x1 235x1

front squat - 50kgx3 70x3 90x2 100x2 110x2 120x1 130x1 135x1 145x1

good morning - 50kgx10 85x10 10 9 8

plate chopper - 35x10 (per side) 25x10x4

scapula rotation - 5x12x2 reverse hyper - BWx12x2 standing calf raise - 90x15x2 tri set


Deadlifts were done standing on 4" of blocks. This basically left the bar resting on the top of my feet in the bottom position. This was my first time ever doing deficit deadlifts, and I'm definitely a fan. I'm hoping to pull 250 kilos from this deficit over the next few weeks.

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4.5.2012 bodyweight: 237

bench press - 45x10 95x10 115x15x3

cable triceps pushdown - 160x15x3 14 12 dumbbell hammer curl - 30x10x5 super set

dumbbell row row - 50x10 (per arm) 100x14 (5)

seated dumbbell rear lateral raise - 10x15x5

reverse hyper - BWx15x2 scapula rotation - 5x12x2 standing calf raise - 90x15x2 tri set


I decided to super set some curls in with my triceps work because I never give my biceps and direct work, and I'm fairly certain what really caused my shoulder to separate in that position was the lack of support from the muscles surrounding it. Until recently I never did any direct work for my biceps, triceps, side or rear deltoids, so now I'm really trying to get them up to par. Nothing heavy, I just wanna pump a bunch of blood into the area. Dumbbell rows were done in Kroc fashion. I did one set to failure with the heaviest dumbbell we have in the gym, dropped it and did the other side, then went back and did each arm again immediately. Felt pretty good.

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4.6.2012 bodyweight: 237

box squat - 20kgx5 50x3 70x2x10

glute ham raise - BWx14 BW+10kgx10x4

decline leg raise with hip lift - BWx10 10 9 8 7


Hips felt kinda tight today, and my whole posterior chain is still tight as hell from Wednesday. Box squats were done explosively to about 2" below parallel with a one count pause on the box. I have plenty of speed in the top half of my squat, but I'm really slow out of the hole, so I really want to focus on that bottom position. The first two sets of glute ham raises with the weight added were done with the weight plate held over my head, and the last two were done holding it to my chest.

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4.16.2012 clothed weight: 236

bench press - 45x12 95x20x3

rack lockout - 135x3 185x3 225x2 275x2 315x1 345x1 365x1 385x1

incline dumbbell press - 50x10x3

pull up - BWx7x4 6

shoulder/lower back/ankle rehab/prehab


Took last week off. I was just really drained and I had so much stuff I had to take care of, it just made sense. Decided to drop the weight back down and bump the reps back up on bench. I was definitely feeling it in my shoulder. Broke up a brawl between two guys I've never seen in the gym while I was warming up. Definitely got my adrenaline going.

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4.18.2012 clothed weight: 237

deficit deadlift - 50kgx3 70x3 100x3 120x2 150x2 170x2 200x1 220x1 240 miss 230x1

front squat - 50kgx3 70x3 90x2 100x2 110x2 120x1 130x1 140x1 150 miss

good morning - 50kgx15x4

standing cable crunch - 180x15x5


Missing two big lifts put me in a really bad mood on this day. After deadlifts and front squats my lower back was really taxed, so I decided to keep it really light on the good mornings.


4.19.2012 clothed weight: 237.5

bench press - 45x12 100x20x3

cable pushdown (on a lat pulldown station) - 80x15x3 14 12 superset w/ dumbbell hammer curl - 30x12x5

dumbbell row - 50x10 100x12 3

seated rear dumbbell flye - 10x16 16 15 15 15


Dumbbell rows were done in a sort of rest/pause set. I did one set, dropped the weight, did the other arm, then immediately went back to the original arm and did another set for each. I was feeling wiped out that day and wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible.


4.23.2012 clothed weight: 238

bench press - 45x10 65x10 95x20 105x20 115x20

rack lockout - 135x3 185x3 225x2 275x2 315x1 335x1 355x1 375x1

pull up - BWx7x5


4.24.2012 clothed weight: 237

deficit deadlift - 50kgx3 70x3 100x3 120x2 150x2 170x2 200x1 220x1 240 miss 230x1

leg press - 270x12x5

hyperextension - 45x10x5

standing cable crunch - 190x15 15 14 13 12


Haven't gone above 230 kilos on deficit deadlifts since I first did them 4.4 and hit 235, so that's disappointing. Hyperextensions were done with a standard 45 lb bar across my neck.


Last Friday, the 20th I got X-rays and an MRI of my shoulder. I got the results on Monday. I have a tear in my rotator cuff. It doesn't go all the way through, so it shouldn't require surgery, just physical therapy, if that's the only problem. However, I went to an orthopedist on Thursday, and he examined me. He agreed with what he saw in the MRI, but he said from a clinical standpoint, based on which positions cause me pain and where I feel it, he's concerned I have a torn labrum, which would absolutely require surgery. He said that wouldn't show up in an MRI unless they injected my shoulder with a special dye. So for the next four weeks I'll be going to PT 3 times/week. After that he's going to examine me again, and determine what we need to do.


4.27.2012 clothed weight: 238

box squat - 20kgx5 50x3 80x2x10

glute ham raise - BWx12 25x10 BWx12x3

hanging leg raise - BWx15x5


box squats were done explosively and with minimal rest between sets; usually no more than 30 seconds.

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5.1.2012 clothed weight: 236

deficit deadlift - 50kgx5 70x3 100x3 120x2 150x2 170x2 200x1 220x1 240x1 (finally!)

leg press - 290x12x5

hyperextension - 45x13x2 BWx18x3

standing cable crunch - 190x15x4 12


Felt really beat from the go, but once I pulled 200 and felt how easy it was, I knew I had 240.

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Any word on the physical therapy/surgery for your shoulder? Hope you're doing alright...

Been doing PT for about 3 months now. It looks like surgery will not be necessary, but my ortho still hasn't totally ruled it out. Aside from the tear in my rotator cuff, I also have a sprain in the AC joint, which has actually become the prevailing issue. I got laid off from work after they refused me a medical leave, which is good and bad. It's making the recovery much easier. I'm still just doing almost exclusively band work. At this rate I'd say I have another 3 months before I'm fully recovered and gym ready. Until then, just trying to stay healthy. I appreciate the concern

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Excellent news that you won't require surgery! Its been a bit since you shared with us. How are things coming along with you?



Hey, sorry, haven't logged on in quite a bit. I had to stop physical therapy for a few months because I lost my insurance after I got laid off. But I met with my PT about a month ago, and he agreed to take me back on pro bono, which is awesome. It's going pretty well this time around. He hasn't discussed an estimated recovery date yet, but he told me after next week he thinks I'll be ok to go down to 2 sessions a week, rather than 3. So I'm just happy to be making progress at this point, but I'm losing my mind not being able to train. I've been running fairly consistently, but I hate it. I miss the weights badly.

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2.25.2013 first work out back in almost 10 months

weight: 104 kg

back squat - 20kgx10 40x10 50x10 70x5x5

barbell row - 40kgx10 50x10x3

hyperextension - bodyweightx15x3

dumbbell curl - 20lbx10 30x10x3

standing cable crunch - 120x15x3

super set with

rope cable pushdown - 100x10x3


Feels good just to be back in the gym. The second I walked in and that musty smell of old weights and mats hit me, and it felt like coming home. I took it pretty easy today; didn't push it to failure on anything. Just wanted to get my bearings and move a little weight. By the time I got to my work sets on squats, I was breathing heavily and sweating. I've only lost 5 pounds in the last 10 months, which tells me I've put on probably 10+ pounds of fat. I have my work cut out for me.

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Hey thanks guys! It's awesome to be back. Running is definitely a different animal than lifting. I love lifting. I wish I could say the same for running.




Ran 3.5 miles in 31:24



weight: 104.3 kg


ran 4.01 miles in 34:56


back squat - 20kgx10 40x10 50x10 70x8x3

reverse hyperextension - BWx15x3

decline sit up - BWx10 10 8

underhand grip cable pushdown - 80x10 120x10x3

barbell row - 40kgx10 55x10x3


I'm wiped. My legs were so sore the last two days, I didn't think I'd make it through my run today. They feel better after another squat session. I had so much lactic acid build up, I looked like I was limping around. I've been stretching like crazy. Hopefully I don't wake up tomorrow still feeling like a bus hit me. Definitely feels great to be back in the gym though.

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On Thursday I did 20 hill sprints at my old spot. Not sure of the exact length and angle of the hill, but it's pretty big and steep. I stayed at my girlfriend's all weekend and brought a bunch of clothes to run in, then realized after I got there I didn't have my running shoes, just my work boots and a pair of dress shoes. So I'm pretty excited to get back out for a run and into the gym tomorrow.

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10 more hill sprints this morning. I was planning on doing at least 20 again, but I just had no energy. My legs felt like jelly. I guess that's what I get for a long, lazy weekend full of eating out. I might have been able to squeeze out 10 more, but I'm squatting in a few hours, and I wanted to leave something in the tank, so I can leave it on the platform.

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weight: 105 kg

high bar squat - 20 kgx10 40x10 50x10 75x6x5

barbell row - 40 kgx10 60x10x3

hyperextension - BWx15x3

dumbbell curl - 20x10 30x10x3

straight arm pulldown - 80x10 130x10x3

super set with

palms up pushdown - 80x10 130x10 9 7


I've decided that I'm going to start alternating between high bar and low bar squats every work out. My hamstrings have always been very strong in relation to my quads, so this should help balance things out. I'd also like to get back into some Oly lifting once my shoulder comes around, so that'll be helpful once I start that. Everything felt pretty good today. My abs are still so sore from last week, I did one decline sit up and felt like they might rip right off my torso. Not a good sign, so once I get some strength back in them, I'm really going to build them back up.

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Spent 4 days this past week backpacking along the Appalachian Trail in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia with two of my buddies. We were the only people up there and it was so much fun. Just letting you guys know I haven't dropped off, just doing other stuff. I'll also be in Vermont for the next 5 days. Once I get back, it's back to training my ass off.

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