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Strong Z! Lifting so far...

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Hey everyone!

So, I don't think I've really posted here, except for an intro about 3 months back.

I joined a gym in late December and have been lifting 4-5 days a week since. I've finally reached a cruise week and will probably start the 5X5 stronglifts program http://stronglifts.com/stronglifts-5x5-beginner-strength-training-program next.


Before I started going to the gym, I was still a pretty active person; running on occasion, riding my bike a lot, and my full time job is about 80% manual labor. However, I thought I'd try out the weightlifting thing since my boyfriend is SUPER into it, I'm a restless person always, and I was getting cabin fever during the winter. He's been extremely helpful with teaching me proper form with lifts and all the basics. He actually just got me two different non-leather lifting belts, and 5 lbs of hemp/pea/rice protein (pb choco flavored!) for my birthday. We've really become a way too nerdy fitness couple.


Anyway, the basic outline of how I was lifting the past 12 weeks is a 4 day split with a 5 day for abs (if I felt so inclined).


Mon: Shoulders/traps

Tues: Chest/Tri's

Weds: off

Thurs: Back/Bi's

Fri: Abs

Sat: off

Sun: Legs


Except for Leg day I would do 20 min of cardio before AND after lifting. Leg day I'd do 20 min cardio before.


Having naturally strong legs all my life, squats have become my favorite. PR= 165lbs x 5.

One of my biggest problems is getting my form straight on deadlifts. I love the pump you get from the exercise, but everytime I go heavy I lose the form in my shoulders and I know that's not good!

So, although I know I CAN add weight to my deadlift I've never gone past 145lbs for the sake of safety.


The first month and a half of training I gained a good 5 lbs of what I figure is muscle because I sure don't feel or look "fatter". I don't watch my diet too seriously since I happen to be blessed with a fast metabolism. Some days I will easily eat almost 4,000 cals and feel fine. But, for the sake of my health I have been trying to cut out most sugar and refined carbs. Making sure I get enough protein has become way more important to me, so I keep track of that (at least 1g to each lb of bodyweight) and drink 2-3 protein shakes a day.


BUT, enough blabbing on, the first pic is my before, and the rest are after 12 weeks training.


Any suggestions on approaching the 5x5 program would be great!

Also, any Vegan Baltimore lifters out there? let's meet up and lift!


August 2010 couldn't really find a posey pic like this closer to when I started training



April 2011 different house, different hair cut, and completely lacking of my summer tan...





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