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Z's progress photos- after 1st 12 weeks of lifting

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I posted these in the training journal threads but I thought I'd post just the photos here too. diet and training log will be updated over there: http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=23513


but i'll keep the progress photos comin as I go. My goals are purely to gain more and morestrength, but ya can't help when the muscle actually start poppin' up!


BEFORE= no weightlifting.




AFTER 12 weeks lifting- April '11 (don't mind how white i get in the winter haha)




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Very nice! Great progress. Your body seems to respond well to weight lifting.


Longest torso that I have seen lately! If you could concentrate on widening those lats more, and get an awesome V up there, you should do well in contests! Especially if you keep working on the quads too! Great back and quads will get you far!


Do you do shrugs? The top of the traps need alittle bit more work, though on a female it is awkward to keep it feminine looking (keep your neck stretched whle shrugging to not build up the neck muscles).

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Thanks everyone!

My legs have always been a strong point for me. However, I do bike often and I work at a state park which requires A LOT of hiking. Doing heavy squats has really done wonders for my quads though.

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Thanks zoe. I've been doing lunges as well. I've been trying deep lunges where I touch the ground with my knee before I take the next lunge. Only doing light weights though so not to stress knees too much. I don't have any before pics that are postable, lol, but I'll try to post something soon.

Plus I bike, and do some squats, probably not enough though.

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totally delayed progress photos. I took these about a week after I finished 12 weeks of Stronglifts 5x5 program. Clearly I admit I don’t look much different from the 12 weeks before, however, my strength gains are pretty awesome.


My PR’s are all for 5 sets of 5 except for Deadlift which goes for one set of 5. Oh and I’m currently at 127lbs. I was about 120 before the stronglifts program.


Squat= 220 lbs.


Deadlift= 225 lbs.


Bench Press= 95lb. This is really weak because I got an arm injury less than halfway into the program.


Military Press= 65 lbs. Also weak due to the arm injury.


Pendlay Rows= 100 lbs.


NOW, I am one week into a 6 week 20 rep squat program. Basically for 3 times a week I will be doing the following:


Squat x 20 (started at 130 lbs., adding 5 lbs every workout)


Pullovers 20 x 20 (more of a stretch than a lift)


Stiff legged Deadlifts x 15 (feelin em in the hams HARDCORE)


Bench Press 3 x 10


Pullovers 20 x 20


Pendlay Rows 3 x 10


Military Press 3 x 12


Funtimes, right?


I’m diggin it so far. The original diet that is supposed to go with this program is the drink a gallon of milk a day thing, but…i’m vegan. And even if I wasn’t, that sounds damn gross anyway. Basically, I’ll be sticking to my usual, however, TRYING to eat a little bit cleaner. I do go crazy with vegan pizza and stuff on the weekends, but I generally keep to getting AT LEAST 1g of protein per lb. of bodyweight which isn’t hard to do. I eat hella carbs because A: I love them. B: The last time I tried to cut them down I felt like I was going to wither away and die.


Having a very low body fat percentage is not really important to me. I’d rather be strong than cut. Luckily I’ve always had a pretty fast metabolism and with the amount of training I do, I stay pretty lean anyway. I’m not too concerned with getting a ripped ass 6 pack, and I don’t exactly see that happening with the way I eat anyway. Plus, I like having an ass, and legs that support me…and all that.


GOALS: The way my squat and deadlift numbers are looking, my boyfriend says I could compete in powerlifting soon. I thought about it and I think I’m down once I get my bench press up to a less embarrassing number. So, maybe in a year or so I’ll be looking into small powerlifting competitions around the state. For squat and deadlift, lifting twice my bodyweight is not that far away. So, I’m looking to get to pulling 300 lbs before I compete. As for bench, I would eventually like to reach pressing my bodyweight.


Sounds reasonable enough, eh?

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thanks everyone!


the 225lb deadlift i have done for 5 reps, same for a 220lb squat.


I'm trying to look into any small powerlifting competitions in the MD area, let me know if you come across any!


Right now i'm 3 weeks into the 20 rep squat program and loving it. Just hit 170lbs for 20 reps. hopefully 175 tomorrow!

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