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Vegan for 1 year


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Hi, vegetarian for 20 years but finally made the move to veganism last year once I acknowledged the cruelty in dairy farming. Best move I ever made. Even though I always looked after myself I actually feel better. Even lost a few pounds fat without trying.


I am 49 years young. Have trained with weights for 30 years - both seriously and also just to keep in shape. I have a double garage kitted out with basic equipment - squat rack, bench, dipping stand, scott curl bench, calf raise machine, olympic bar and reasonable set of disks and dumbells and a few other bits and pieces.


Have been following a 5x5 routine for the last year which I love however for the last 6 months I have deliberately maintained the same weights. Basically because I just wanted to do enough to keep in shape and not get burned out by constantly adding more weight. I'm 6'4" and around 208 lbs - but reasonably lean these days. My weights are pathetic - Squat 110KG, Bench 80Kg, Deadlift 100KG, dumbell curls 20Kg etc. (all at 5x5 - wont list all my exercises)


Lately I took up some jogging to get fitter and really love it. I live in a village and am surrounded by hills so get a tough workout!


Part of me would really like to see what I could do on a vegan diet - so maybe I can find some motivation on this forum to get back to work! Would also like to investigate different protein supplements. Have only tried soya but interested in rice protein.


That's it



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welcome! i'm so glad you made the change and i'm sure you'll be glad too. You're 49, but about to get younger as a vegan!


i'll be 42 in a few months, but i seem to be getting younger so i'm not too worried about it lol.



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