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VBBF t-shirts for the tubby vegan?

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I just made an order for clothing last week. It will take 2-3 weeks because I ordered a ton of items for our comeback and I did include XXL.


Thanks for asking!


They will be posted on the products page on www.veganbodybuilding.com when they arrive, as well as www.veganessentials.com and of course I'll post on the forum that they are in.


Forks Over Knives doesn't have them in that size at the moment.


All the best!


Updates to come soon.



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There will be images on the main site but the links will go directly to VeganEssentials.com


I do have on me right now that some people have been ordering directly since it helps me manage finances to keep the shirts going.......but Vegan Essentials will be the primary retailer. I'm sure other stores will pick them up too, in due time.


Email me if you want to get one directly before they become available online.


Thanks so much!


You rock!




[email protected]

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