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I may have made a training breakthrough yesterday! I won't go into my theories behind it yet (saving it for an article) but I whipped up a great workout yesterday and I think it has a lot of potential. Plus it killed me! I though I was going to throw up for the entire hour and a half!


'Back' workout: (every set was followed by 100 reps of jump rope)


Weighted Pull-Ups: 0x12, 35x10, 50x10, 50x12, 70x8

SS Incline Bench Press: 135x12, 135x12, 135x12, 135x12, 135x12


DB Row: 60x12, 75x12, 90x10, 90x10

SS Arnold Press: 40x10, 35x12, 35x12, 35x12


Close-Grip Lat Pulldown: 100x12, 110x12, 120x12, 120x15

SS Leg Extension: 110x12, 110x12, 110x12, 110x15


Wide-Grip Cable Row: 60x12 (FST-7 style)


Like I said, this put me through the ringer, but it was awesome. Can't wait to try this style on my other muscle groups!

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Thanks guys, I haven't gotten all the kinks out of it, but I'm working on it! As for timing it, I actually went pretty slow... Had a full stomach and felt like I was going to lose my lunch the whole time if I pushed my pace . I expect I will be hitting it pretty fast as my conditioning improves, but I also want to keep enough rest incorporated to allow me to lift heavy.


On Wednesday of last week I did my once per week two-a-day workout (hams/calves AM, quads PM). As usual it was brutal, but what legs day isn't? Had to get my first workout in between appointments so it was abbreviated. I don't remember all the weights/reps, but I was super setting hamstrings with calves every set and I hit seated calf press, 1-legged calf raise on stairs, leg press calf raise, seated leg curl, prone leg curl, and romanian deadlift (ie the usual).


Quad workout was quite memorable, however. I got a couple new post-injury best lifts, and almost had to crawl out of the gym at the end, so I knew it went pretty well. No jump rope on this one though, wouldn't have made it!


Walking barbell lunges: 100x12, 120x12, 120x12, 120x12

SS Scott curls: 45x12, 65x10, 65x10, 65x10


Squats: 135x15, 155x20, 185x25, 185x30 (my post-injury best!)

SS Box Jumps: 7 risers x10, 7x15, 7x15


Leg Press: 360x15, 360x15, 360x15, 360x20

SS 1-Arm Cable Curl: 30x10, 30x12


Leg Extension: 130x12 FST-7 style.




Thursday I hit shoulders and had another great workout! Still working on my new formatting and it went really well with this one. didn't have a lot of time, but I didn't need it! Only took about 35min.


Everything was super set with 100 reps of jump rope, brutal when working shoulders!


Seated Barbell Press: 95x15, 115x12, 135x12, 145x11, 145x13

SS Underhand chin-ups: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10


Upright Row: 95x12, 95x12, 95x15

SS Bent Over DB Laterals: 12x12, 12x10, 12x10

SS Bar Dips: 10, 10, 10


Machine Lateral: 60x12, FST-7 style


Crazy pump! Couldn't lift a finger!

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Missed posting a couple workouts, but did legs yesterday and shoulders today. Here's what I did:


Walking barbell lunges: 100x12, 120x12, 120x12, 120x12


Leg Press: 360x15, 450x15, 540x20, 540x20, 540x20

Scotte Curl: 50x12, 50x12, 50x12, 50x12


Squats: 135x15, 155x20, 185x30, 185x30

SS Box Jumps: 7 risers x10, 7x10, 7x10


Leg Extension: 130x12 FST-7 style.





Everything was super set with 100 reps of jump rope!


Seated Barbell Press: 95x15, 125x12, 145x10, 145x11, 145x9

SS Underhand chin-ups: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10


Barbell Shrugs: 135x 12, 12, 12 (Like to do these light and be as strict as possible)

SS Upright Row: 95x12, 95x12, 95x12

SS Bent Over DB Laterals: 12x12, 12x10, 12x10


Machine Lateral: 60x12, FST-7 style


Trying to keep on top of this for my records! Bed time!

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Today I had a great arm workout and finally feel like I'm back on track! We went out of town a week ago with a red-eye flight etc and it completely knocked my progress for my show in two weeks. I was feeling pretty unhappy about it, but we've finally gotten our sleep schedule straight again and my last two workouts have been brutal, so I'm feeling/looking back on track! Yay for less stress! Today I hit arms at home and here's how it went:


Barbell Curls: 45x20, 95x12, 95x10, 95x11


Incline Curls: 30x12, 30x12, 30x12, 40x8


Hammer Curls: 25x12, 25x12, 25x12


EZ Bar Curls: 65x12, FST-7 style


(5min water break!)


Cable Press Down: 70x12, 80x12, 80x12, 80x11


DB Extension: 50x12, 50x12, 50x12, 50x12


Skull Crushers: 65x12, 65x12, 65x12, 65x12


Timed my rest for every set between 60-90sec and went as heavy as I could for that. Went great! Tomorrow is legs... (foreboding music) and I'm hoping to get back over 200lbs on squat! Injury hasn't bothered me so here's hoping it goes well!

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Little behind here, but that's ok..... 8 Days out from my first show!!


5/17: Same leg workout I've posted recently, but I got the squats up to 225 for 21 reps! By far the best weight I've done post-injury, and I'm still limping today 3 days later .


5/18: An shoulder routine. Barbell Presses, Arnold presses, upright row, shrug, laterals. It did it's job but I don't think I was at 100% intensity. (probably just couldn't compare to my leg workout)


5/19: Off/30min trail run in the gorgeous park by our house!


5/20: Good chest/tri workout today. Was limited on time but I got in everything I needed to.


Bench Press: 135x12, 155x12, 185x12, 205x11, 205x10

DB Incline Press: 50x12, 60x12, 60x12, 60x10

Smith Decline Press: 125x12, 125x12, 125x12

Peck Deck: 65x12 FST-7 style

Cable Press down: 80x12, 110x12, 140x10, 13x12

DB Extension: 70x12, 70x10, 70x11


Kept the rest low and got a great pump, but I'm not thrilled with where my strength is right now. I remember doing a lot more weight on everything here just 9 months ago, but with this high volume/7s approach I've gotten almost all my size back with lighter weights and no re-injuries, so I can't complain about that!

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Had a great back/bi workout yesterday. I started off really strong but my energy flagged towards the end. I've still been supersetting every set I do with 100 jump rope reps and by the end of the workout it's exhausting! Gotta get tight though .



Pull ups: 0x12, 35x10, 55x8, 55x8, 55x11 (spotted)

T-Bar Row: 135x12, 160x12, 185x12, 185x12

Lat Pulldown: 100x12, 110x12, 110x12, 110x12

Wide Cable Row FST-7 @ 70lbs

Preacher Curls: 60x12, 60x12, 60x10

Scott Curls:50x8, 50x8 - Love these but was dead!


Hit a light shoulders day today. Still supersetting everything with 100 jump ropes. I'm skipping a rest day today so I can take two days off before my contest this Saturday!!


DB Shoulder Press: 45x12, 65x10, 80x8, 80x8

Seated DB Front Raises: 15x12, 20x12, 25x12

Barbell Shrug behind Back: 135x12, 135x12, 135x12 (I do these really light because I only feel them when I have perfect form)

Lying Rear Delt Laterals: 12x12, 12x12, 12x12

Machine Lateral FST-7 @ 60lbs


Then lots of posing practice! = whipped!

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Hey y'all, I got third! Out of three, but I think I made a great showing and after talking with the judges I know where I need to improve to move up! Check out the vids!


First day back in the gym today, and I took it pretty easy since my hydration is just getting back to normal. The week leading up to the show I hit every muscle group with a light, high paced workout of low volume (8-12 sets per muscle group) just to keep blood pumping to my muscles rather that to try and make any last second gains. Here's what I did today for shoulders:


Cable Shoulder Fly: 20x15, 25x15, 25x15


DB Shoulder Press: 50x12, 70x10, 70x10, 70x7 drop to 50x8 drop to 35x8


Alternating DB Front Raise: 20x12, 20x12, 20x12


Cable Shoulder Fly FST-7 @ 25lbs


Like I said, short and sweet. Didn't feel too strong so I didn't want to push it!

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Congrats on the contest! From the video it seemed like you had some tough competition but I think you deserved to place higher too.


Thanks! I agree, but it's all the more motivation to work hard in the gym and leave no doubt next time!

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Hi Derek!


I'm really proud of you for the work you put into your contest preparation and how you looked on stage. I'm absolutely most proud of your attitude and constant positive outlook. It is inspiring and amazing. I know you didn't place as high as you wanted, or deserved as far as I am concerned, based on viewing the footage, but you never displayed an ounce of complaint when I talked to you on the phone and were nothing but encouraging when I spoke with you about the contest.


I commend you and I've got tons of respect for your physique, your work ethic and your positive attitude.


All the BEST! -Robert

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Hi Derek!


I'm really proud of you for the work you put into your contest preparation and how you looked on stage. I'm absolutely most proud of your attitude and constant positive outlook. It is inspiring and amazing. I know you didn't place as high as you wanted, or deserved as far as I am concerned, based on viewing the footage, but you never displayed an ounce of complaint when I talked to you on the phone and were nothing but encouraging when I spoke with you about the contest.


I commend you and I've got tons of respect for your physique, your work ethic and your positive attitude.


All the BEST! -Robert



Thanks Robert! You are the man, and your support helps keep me moving forward . After all, if it wasn't for hanging out with you on the cruise I wouldn't even have entered this contest! (I'd still be pouting about all the ground I'd lost from my abdominal injury). Thanks!!

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Have been super-motivated after my first contest this past Saturday, so I went it and killed it for my quad workout yesterday. (Today was therefore a much needed rest day )


Leg Extension: 90x15, 90x15, 90x15

SS Leg Curl: 70x15, 70x15, 70x15


Squat: 135x15, 185x15, 225x30, 245x22 [last 2 sets were brutal!]

SS Box Jumps (onto a bench): 15, 12, 12


Leg Press: 450x20, 540x17, 540x15


Leg Extension: 120x12 done FST-7 style


This was by far the best leg workout I've had since my injury last summer; I could barely walk out of the building! I wanted to do a bit more volume, but I was worried my old abdominal injury couldn't take it, and based on how sore I am today it wasn't necessary!



In the afternoon I did a short high-intensity bicep session (I'm still playing around with my split which I do compulsively)


Barbell Toss: 45x20, 45x20


Alternating DB Curl: 30x12, 40x12, 50x10


EZ bar curls: 65x12, 75x12, 75x12 (both work sets ended with a few negatives)

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This week I've been focusing on upping the weight and doing more high-intensity style workouts since my injury hasn't been bothering me. I'd love to get back that rock hard look you get from pushing very heavy weight I had last year for my barbarian photos, so hopefully this stint goes well! I've already gotten some new improved numbers so so far so good!


Thursday 6/2


I did a pretty typical back routine for more (pull ups, DB row, pull downs etc) BUT I finished it off with 3 sets of deadlift up to 185lbs! Haven't tried that move for nine months and it felt really easy so I'm super excited! Finished my workout with 3 sets of Scott curls and 2 sets of cross-body hammer curls.


Friday 6/3:


Yesterday I did a low volume high-ish intensity chest workout that looked like:

Bench Press: 135x12, 155x10, 185x10, 225x8, 185x11 (hit two plates for the first time in quite a while!)

Incline Bench Press: 135x10, 185x10, 185x11, 135x10

Incline DB Fly: 30x12, 30x12, 30x12 + 8 presses

Bench push ups for 25 reps to burn out


Saturday 6/4:


Today I hit hams/calves am and triceps pm, both of which went really well with some old/new best weights:


1-Legs calf raise w/ DB: 15, 35x12, 35x12, 35x12

Seated Calf Press: 100x12, 135x12, 160x12, 185x12, 185x12+135x10+90x10

Leg Press Calf Raise FST-7: 450x12

Romanian Deadlift: 135x12, 185x12, 205x10, 185x10 (haven't touched the 200's on this in ages!)

Seated Leg Curl Superset DB Jump Lunges: 110x12 SS 20, 130x12 SS 20x15, 150x12 SS 20x15




This afternoon...

Close Grip Bench Press: 135x12, 15x10, 185x10, 205x10, 135x12 (stoked!)

Cable Press Down: 50x12, 70x12, 81x12, 50x12

Bench Dips: 0x15, 45x12, 90x13


So I'm moving away from volume and working on upping my weights to get rock hard muscles. Hope it keeps going so well! Shot below is from this afternoon:



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Wow! Looking SOLID in that pic!


So awesome man!


Keep hammering away. I love all the great content you're producing too!


Thanks! Did you hear we're Seattle-bound for the last week of July so I can compete with none other than big Ed?!



Thanks Rob PMFF, I think I compared well to the others, but next time I need to be the stand out!

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Couple of days to post on. Since I've returned from the contest I've moved away from FST-7 volume training for now and am working in more high intensity training - trying to get some strength back! Its still going really well and I feel like my physique is hardening up a bit so I'm sticking with it at least for a few more weeks. Marcella keeps reminding me that I never integrate periodization into my programs so I really should look more closely into that. Anyway...


6/6/11: I hit quads and made some good progress! I've moved quads and Hams to separate days to give my core time to recover between and I'm liking it!


Squat: 135x15, 185x15, 225x15, 245x24, 265x20, 225x15 - Stoked! My best set of 20 ever was at 335 so I'm getting there!

Leg Press: 360x15, 450x15, 540x10, 360x15

Leg Extension: 150x12, 190x12, 190x10 drop 150x4 drop 110x6


That afternoon I did a bicep workout, don't remember the weights: Barbell curl up to 105x10 I think. DB curl up to 50x8. Concentration curl to 40x8.


6/7: First good shoulder day post-contest and I got some good numbers!


DB Arnold Press: 45x15, 60x12, 80x8, 80x7 - Haven't gotten near that on Arnolds in ages!

Smith Behind-the-head press: 105x12, 125x10, 145x10 drop 105x7, 145x12 drop 105x8

Seated DB Lateral superset bent over lateral: 20x12 SS 20x10, 25x12 SS 20x10, 25x10 SS 20x8


6/8: Ran 1 mile AM did 20min stair stepper PM


6/9: Killed back today with my client/vegan success story Todd! Went hard and heavy for an hour and a half!


Weighted Pull ups: 0x12, 35x10, 50x8, 75x6, 90x6, 90x6 drop 50x6 drop 35x6 drop 0x6 - Stoked! Best pull up workout in a year!

Barbell Row: 115x12, 135x12, 155x12, 1550x10 drop 115x10

Close-grip cable row: 80x12, 100x12, 120x15 (with rest-pause)

Deadlift: 135x10, 185x10, 225x10 - Felt easy! Getting stronger!

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Man I'm falling behind on this log! I need more hours in my day! Lot to put down here, workouts have been going really really well. Last week I had a couple aches and pains surface, so went low intensity high rep (4 sets of 20+ reps) on a couple of workouts to allow some recuperation (shoulders, hamstring, calves and arms in particular). The others I went nice and heavy on! Since I am now 5 weeks out from my next bodybuilding adventure I am doing 20 minutes of cardio before breakfast (usually elliptical) every morning I don't have a 2-a-day. One my off days I'm doing a second cardio workout (usually swimming or stair stepper) for 20-30 more minutes.


6/11 (Good day from week before last)

Started with calves

Romanian Deadlift: 135x12, 185x12, 225x10, 225x6 (Best RDL since before I tore me knee 2 years ago!! Stoked!!)

Prone Leg Curl: 90x12, 110x10

Seated Leg Curl: 110x10, 110x10


Later That Day... Really good arm workout! Was sore for 3 days!


Machine Curl FST-7 Preload: 70x12

Preacher Curl: 65x12, 75x12, 95x8, 95x10

DB Incline Curl: 25x12, 35x10, 35x10

Hammer Curl: 30x10, 30x10, 30x10

Weighted Dips: 0x12, 25x12, 50x8, 25x11

DB Extension: 60x12, 90x12, 90x10

1 Hand Reverse Pressdown SS Straight arm pulldown: 40x12 SS 90x10, three set



Pull ups: 12, 35x10, 55x8, 75x1, 100x4, 55x16 drop 0x8 (Best pull ups in ages! Loving it!)

Db Row: 65x12, 90x12, 90x15, 70x22

Lat Pulldown (mid grip): 80x12, 100x12, 120x10, 140x6 drop 100x7

Scott Curls: 50x12, 70x12, 70x10, 70x10

Concentration curls: 25x10, 25x10, 25x10



Incline Bench Press: 135x12, 175x10, 205x1, 225x5, 225x5, 135x15 (double disk baby!)

DB Bench Press: 70x10, 90x7, 90x8, 70x10

Incline DB Fly: 30x12, 40x10, 40x10

Pec Dec FST-7: 65x12 (had to sneak that in - feels so good!)


6/20: Hit shoulders with Todd and killed it! Slight pain but it didn't keep me from anything.

Arnold Press: 40x12, 60x12, 80x8, 90x5 drop 60x7 (felt beastly!)

Behind the neck BB Press: 95x12, 135x12, 155x10, 155x10

DB Laterals SS Bent DB Laterals: 20x12 SS 20x12, 20x12 SS 20x12, 30x8 SS 30x6



Hammer Strength Leg Extension: 90x12 FST-7 Preload

Squat: 135x15, 185x15, 225x10, 275x1, 315x13, 315x10 drop 225x8 drop 135x10 (Brutal! So stoked on getting back up to these weights!)

Hack Press: 90x15, 180x15, 180x15, 180x20


Later that day.... Great HIT arm workout! (been doing arms on legs day for added hormone benefit)

Barbell Curl: 45x20, 65x15, 95x12, 95x16 (including cheat reps and negatives - killer)

DB Curl: 30x10, 50x10 drop 30x10

Concentration Curl: 30x10, 40x8

Skull Crushers: 65x12, 65x12, 115x7 to close grip x8 - Brutal!

Cable Press Down: 70x12, 70x15


6/22: Much needed rest day. 15min elliptical this morning and 1200m swim before lunch. Swam 100m in 16:10 with fins on, pretty happy with that .

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