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Help! I Skipped some meals today!

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So basically, i skipped about 3 meals today; i had breakfast and lunch but they were probably about 7-8 hours apart. i was just wonderring if it is ok for me to eat a lot of food as i have missed so much today?


It is my off day today by the way.


For Breakfast I had 1 cup of oats with a dash of skim soy milk sprinkled with cocoa and cinnamon. also 2 pieces of wholemeal(Whole wheat) toast.


As for lunch I had a salad with 1/2 can of mixed beans(steamed), lettuce, chinese cabbage, tomato, pumpkin (steammed), carrot (steamed) and broccoli all covered with Tamari sauce and cracked pepper.


I would say that all I have eaten today is approx 800cal (60g being from protein).

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Nature has given you the ability to skip meals for days

If you are worried that you'll overeat and divert all of your energy to digestion and thus

ruin your day, then eat some food, force yourself to stop eating, wait 20-30 minutes

doing something else in the meantime and, if you are still hungry, repeat;)

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