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New here xx


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Hi all,


Interesting site, and seemingly the one for me. I have always been a vege, but turned vegan after giving birth to my 3rd child 4 years ago. I weigh 107 1lbs and am really interested in developing some lean muscle but haven't the first idea how. I don't want to build up bulky muscle. I have no idea about what foods to eat and what type of training to do, so thought I'd ask for some direction here


I was looking through some of the before and after pics, and I am very impressed with the amount of determination you guys have, and it is incredibly inspiring. I really need something like this to get my teeth into, so any advice much appreciated


Attached is a pic of current body. I apologise as its all I have at the moment and will have to take proper shots, but this is just to give an idea of my body type.




Body type

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