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Stiff Legged Deadlifts?

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Are stiff legged deads in your weekly routine? They always hit my hams like no other exercise.


Problem I am having is that I do legs on one day and back on a separate day, and after doing stiff legged dead lifts, my upper back is very sore for days! So, I feel like I am over training my back.



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Thanks Dallas, I don't like hitting the same muscle group more than once a week so I was trying to squeeze all leg work into one day. I could do stiff legged deads three days later on my back day, but my hams still get some work on squat day. Plus, I have to think of time and I am pressed for time as it is in the gym. Adding deads on my back day will lengthen my workout. Maybe this particular phase I will skip the dead lifts and concentrate on squats and will do things like leg curls to add in some specific ham work.

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If you want to benefit from compound exercises like stiff legged deadlifts then you're probably going to end up working muscle groups more than once a week.


Yes, but that can lead to over training. Natural athletes have a limited ability to recover so I try not to touch the same muscle more than once a week. Maybe I will use leg curls for noe while squating. I also cut out dips for now because my current program has me doing chest one day and shoulders on another so I am skipping dips for this protocol. I felt like I needed something new anyway.


Hopefully the leg curls will hit my hams as much as the SL Deads did.

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