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Hey Guys, I'm Worried!!!

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So Basically I went to sleep at 11pm on the 25th April weighing 70kg on an empty stomach. I had my protein shake and apple before bed as usual and the next day (Today) I woke up at 11am; after sleeping for 12 hours!!!! yeah 12!!! And I weighed myself this morning to find that I was sitting on 65.5 kg on an empty stomach today.


I am just asking if this has ever happened to you before and is it normal?


By the way I trained on the 24th, didn't train yesterday, and am supposed to train today.


Should I still train today or should I skip it seeing as though I lost this much weight?





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It is completely natural to gain or lose up to 5lbs of water weight per day. That is why fitness experts tell people not to weigh themselves everyday because the numbers will drive them nuts and not mean anything unless they apply a running average to it.


The fuel used first in a human body is glycogen stored in the muscles. When this fuel is used water is released.


This is why when people go on a diet or start a hard exercise regime they always have a big weight loss at first before things taper off. The body ate the intramusclar glycogen since it was short on calories and in the process dropped several pounds of water.

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