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Quick diet critique please?

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In the past, I've been kind of winging it and I'd like to have a nice healthy organized diet now. I'm trying to lose weight so any opinons are welcomed please and thank you.












A salad made up of:







Sunflower Seeds




One of the following:


Vegan Pizza

Bean Burgers with roasted potatoes

Vegan Chili

Rice and Bean soft tacos


Burrito Pie



In between meals will most likely be a protein shake.

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According to fitday.com, the majority of the fats were polyunsaturated fats from the sunflower seeds, and a few stray ones from the soymilk used in the protein shakes. But that was because the option of fat free soy milk wasn't on the given list, when I shop for soymilk, it's always fat free. Regardless, fats are still 30%

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No, but the calories to this diet plan only equal 1200. The marco breakdown comes out to about 40% carbs 30% fat and 30% protein.

Unless you are really small and/or aren't moving at all, I would recommend going higher. 1500 is a good cutting calorie intake for most women. My girl is 5'2 and 115lbs and she would lose weight on a 1500 cal plan....

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Okay, here's my take on it. I agree if you are working out that you need more calories on average than 1500 unless you are really really small (like me:).


In the morning I would suggest adding some greens to alkalinize and to balance the sugars in the fruit. Plus all that great fiber they provide along with easy to absorb minerals.

Lunch seems good as long as you are not coating the salad with a processed dressing.

Dinner it would be good to eliminate the processed food and eat real food instead. Lots and lots of veggies possibly adding in beans, small amount of rice or quinoa and even another small salad.

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Aha! that explains it .....there are no Krogers around me. I am going to have to ask and see if my grocery can get it in or maybe the health food store. What brand is it available in? Thank you for your help.

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Horse...Thank you for your opinon, but just as a side note...Nothing in my dinners are processed, everything that is listed would be made from scratch. Nothing processed. Beans are very present in just about every one of those dinner meals.


Okay MDV, sorry for the assumption. The dinners just sounded like processed food. Thanks for the correction.


But then there's the ff soymilk from Krogers.... hmmm that sounds processed.

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