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BCAA ? + True Protein


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I'm finally starting to see results now that I've upped my protein intake to about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight a day. So now that I'm seeing results my BIL who is a (non-vegan) body builder suggested I take BCAAs. I bought Twinlabs BCAA Fuel since it was cheap but then I realized that one serving of four pills is only 2 grams of protein with a ratio of 2:1:1. My BIL suggested that I take 5 grams before my workout, 5 grams during, and 5 grams after with my post workout shake. So I figure I need to purchase the powder form.


So I was looking at True Protein's BCAA which I've read on here is vegan. However before I purchase it I was wondering...


1. Does it really work?

2. If so is this the cheapest place to buy it? Shipping seems high.

3. If I do purchase from here does someone want me to use their referral code? If so please share.


If I do purchase from True Protein it seems the more I buy in pounds the better the price per pound when shipping is factored in. I was thinking 3-4 pounds but that's a lot of money to plunk down on something that I'm not familiar with.


Anyway, any help would be appreciated!

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So I was looking at True Protein's BCAA which I've read on here is vegan.!

It is not, but they do carry one that is: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=21844&p=239116#p239116


The shipping costs seem high, but compared to other sources it's on par. It's cheaper for me to buy and ship from them in CA to NJ than it is to buy from protein factory which is in NJ.


This is the one I read was vegan and the one I was looking into purchasing: http://www.trueprotein.com/Product_Details.aspx?cid=33&pid=6945#Details


From the link posted on the previous post it seems everyone is raving about EAAs more so then BCAAs.

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So are BCAA's worth it? I'd love to know from personal experience. I'd love to hear from women who've taken it since the only person recommending it to me right now is a 240 pound meat eating body building male.


And does anyone want me to use their True Protein referral code?

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