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Forks Over Knives World Premiere Photos/Video


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Hey everyone!


The Forks Over Knives World Premiere was last night! Some elite vegan athletes were in the house as well as some movie and TV stars, activists and a whole bunch of others. I'm sure you'll recognize many. Mac Danzig, Mike Mahler, Rich Roll, some UFC Champion and other vegan athletes rocked the house.


Here are some pics. I haven't uploaded any from my computer but I found these online.


Hope these links work. If not just check out my main personal FB page:








and a video here.


I'm in it about the 9-10 minute mark being silly:



And full length video here:



I also did a separate interview with Kathy Freston for a different show. Maybe it will get some air time later.


All other info on http://www.forksoverknives.com


Let's get people eating plants!


The film opens May 6th in LA and NYC and May 13th in 19 other major cities, then more cities May 20th, more the 27th, more June 4th and on down the line


http://www.forksoverknives.com/showtimes for updates on new city listings - updates daily or weekly

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Thanks everyone.


It was a fun evening and we've been working hard for a long time to get this message out to people.


I believe that Forks Over Knives is one of the greatest tools we have had in recent years to promote the plant-based, vegan lifestyle to a massive mainstream audience.


Now, we need to get out and reach those people.


Thanks for all the support!


Please share the link www.forksoverknives.com with as many people as possible.



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