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Getting sick all the time!

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Can someone tell me if there is a correlation between working out often (6-8 times a week) and getting sick more often? I rarely get sick, maybe once a year but in the past three months I've been sick three times. It started right about when I incorporated running into my lifting routine. I'm training for a half marathon so I can't cut the running out and I also refuse to give up heavy lifting. I just need to figure out why my immune system is not in top shape.


I've upped my protein intake a couple weeks ago to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. I also started incorporating zinc and yesterday I started taking vitamin c. I'm not sure what else to do.


Any help and insight would be appreciated!

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Can someone tell me if there is a correlation between working out often (6-8 times a week)


Yes, it is called "over training".


Physical stress ( work, exercise ) actually stimulates the human immune system, but like with everything else you can have too much of a good thing.

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Another factor can be low vitamin D. Get the following blood test: 25-hydroxy vitamin D total. It should be more than 50 ng/mL. When I brought my levels up a few years ago, I went from getting colds/flu 3-4 times a year to 0-1 time a year.


Be well,


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Hey kckas,


Totally been there ... I had a hard time getting used to "taking days off" ... but believe me - your body will love you for it and you will make positive gains in all aspects. I admit ... I still feel guilty having a day off ... that will never change.


If you feel like you are being lazy (by taking a day off) ... do what I did and take up something for mind/body ... I am a musician to I dedicate 1-2 days towards my music and do not workout ... It creates a nice balance and allows my body to recover.


I also echo the Vitamin D suggestion ... this is important. I always suggest getting a full blood panel (folate, b12, vit d, iron, chem 7) as a veg to make sure you are in top shape ... the proof is in the pudding!


Good luck!

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My D levels were within range. It was 35 or so which was the low end of acceptable. My iron has been fine as well. I should have had my B-12 levels checked out at my annual but I forgot to ask.


I haven't been sick in almost two months now. I'm definitely not working out as much since I'm now following a 12-week to half marathon training program. Amazingly I am still seeing muscle growth, it's slow growing but it's there. It's really hard for me to put the brakes on my workouts but I know I tend to push myself too far sometimes so this is probably really healthy for me to cool it down a bit.


I'm wondering if the zinc and vitamin c has helped too?


I appreciate everyone's help!

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