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PLEASE HELP ME! My skin is dryin up...:(

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Hello everyone!


I´ve been trying to eat a mostly vegan diet for over a year, it has been an exciting ride most of the time but I have problems with my skin since going vegetarian/vegan. In the last couple of months it has gotten so dry and it dosen´t seem to help that I use coconut oil and supplement with both omega 3, flaxeed and evening prime rose oil. I understand this is a hard question to answer, it can be alot of things of course, but what am I doing wrong here?


I would really appreciate your help out there!


Thanks in advance and all Power to ya!



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How much water do you take in a day? Hydration could be a big factor.


My skin got a lot better after I went vegan but saying that I got into working out and aiming to eat healthier at the same time, and got outside a bit more. So everything else prob helped a bit as well!

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Hi, sorry you've been having this problem. Can you post your typical diet? It may not even be connected to what you're eating, might be something else. I had skin problems for a long time when I wasn't vegan, it isn't limited to just vegans.

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I started having problems with very dry skin when I first went vegan and thought it was related. I got all new animal friendly soap at the time, which turned out to be the problem. Lots of the "All Natural" type soaps are pretty harsh. I use Kirks Castile soap and sometimes Skin Trip when it is on sale and usually don't have a problem now. I think the clear "glycerin soap" bars are the worst though.


Other than that eating more nuts and seeds has improved my skin overall i think. Or maybe it was something to do with the starting to workout regularly and eat healthier in general. My skin just seems more resilient than it has been in the past.

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