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We need better shirts

Cold Fission

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Why are all the vegan shirts, the kind that says vegan, all lame?I am no designer but can someone design a better t-shirt that looks epic and is just a badass tshirt?


Look at this vegan power tshirt below.It's so cool but i cant find it anywhere.Why?Why can i only find plain looking shirts that dont interest me much aside from they say vegan on it.


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Perhaps because this is not a vegan t-shirt company but rather a bodybuilding community that happens to have shirts.

Nah i mean i can't find epic shirts anywhere, not just here.


This is the only forum i visit so i thought id just winge about it here lol

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Yeah, I haven't found many vegan shirts I like. I made this one a while back, not sure if anybody likes the design or what:






But I have the original file somewhere and will post it if people want to make their own shirts some how, I just made that shirt for myself, not to sell and make profit from

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