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Eating in LA, near the Convention Centre

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Alright Folks


I'm going to be in LA on business next month, based at the LACC (not sure where I'll be staying yet). There's quite a bit of LA vegan information out there, but without some knowledge of the city it's hard to judge what I'll be able to get to.


Anybody got any thoughts on where is good to eat near there? Or just some reliable links.



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Check out quarrygirl.com. She travels quite a bit so not all of the food reviews are for LA, but that's where she lives so a lot of it is. They have an all vegan pizza place called Cruiser (sp?). I lived in LA but only for a few months and without a car so my experience is limited but I liked real food daily. There's a tiny vegan shack on the venice beach boardwalk that has all kinds of fast food options (burgers, fries, shakes, etc). You get some kind of free food I believe (or maybe it was just a discount?) if you do like 10-15 pull ups on the bar they have outside the shop.


Doomie's home cooking in Hollywood is supposed to be quite good.


Oh, and it's really out of the way, but if you can get there before Madeline Bistro closes, you should go there if you want a high end meal. I've never been but I've seen pictures and friends tell me it's completely amazing.

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Thanks vegimator, that quarrygirl blog is fantastic. Shame we can't sort the venues based on location, but it would be churlish to complain about having so many vegan options in a city that you need to do a little research.


Madeline Bistro looks great, would be nice to stick it on the company expense account. I've got a feeling my workmates are going to be more after a quick visit to some dodgy steakhouse then an evening of drinking though

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I liked real food daily.

Looks like we're going to be based in Santa Monica. There's a couple of Real Food Daily outlets in Santa Monica so looks like they might be an option.


Nice! I've eaten there with non-vegans before and they enjoyed it so maybe your coworkers would be cool with it. The club sandwich is great.

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