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A black metal band with vegan members

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Below is a link to a live performance by a English BM band with vegan members.

I personally know some of the members but the line up changes. Check out some of the studio recorded songs. I personally think they're great. Besides some of the members, I also talk with friends of the band and it seems there is quite a following of veganism in England. Many of them inspired my current vegan diet decision.


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Below is a link to another band that also has members from winterfylleth. The band is called Wodensthrone. My friend Richard is no longer in Winterfylleth...he is the guy in camo shorts playing guitar. All members from both bands are highly intelligent and the vegan members are very much for animal rights. Since you are from England, I can understand that you may be interested. Much of Winterfylleth's music is about your native land. Search on youtube to see what I mean. Everyone I talk to from your region is vegan.



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