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Derek Tresize's Total body mass: has someone tried it yet?

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Hey everyone.

This is my first post here.

I was wondering if anyone have ever tried Derek's Total Body Mass routine he's posted here in the site.

Since he doesn't say how many sets and reps he would recommend, I haven't tried it yet. Although I guess a 5x5 approach would be a good idea.

What do you guys think?


Oh, I forgot to mention of course, my main goal is mass, even though I do have some fat I need to burn. I must be around 20% body mass fat.



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I can't train the same body part that often. My chest is so sore two days after my chest workout....there is no way I could hit them again.


Hey, boardn10. Thanks for your input!

I guess it depends on the volume. Whenever I've tried a high volume workout (like the German volume training aka 10x10) my muscles are sore for days, so you must train each group every 5-7 days. The same should apply for a conventional body part split workout (chest and biceps, back and triceps, and so on). But from what I see in Derek's workout, low volume/high intensity is the way to go, since you'd be training in high frequency mode (each group every other day or so).

So I'm giving it a try with 3x8 heavy weight. I've tried other HST workouts before and I've achieved good results overall.

So what you guys think? I'd like to hear from more experienced lifters!

You like conventional two muscle groups splits or a high frequency/total body training method like this one for packing muscle?



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I have not tried Derek's routine, but experienced lifter Stuart McRobert would recommend a more gradual approach by slowly adding small increments of weight to compound exercises over weeks and months. It's called intensity cycling. Avoidance of over-training and injury is paramount.


He specializes in training for those who are not genetically gifted and do not use steroids. He outlines intensity cycling in his book Brawn http://www.hardgainer.com/brawn.html

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You may also find this of value


Veganize the diet recommendations



How to Get Big


Compound Exercises + Calories + Rest/Sleep = Big


Identify Your Body Type



Exercise and Eat According To Body Type


Bulking For Ectomorphs



Bulking For Mesomorphs



Bulking For Endomorphs



Intensity Cycling




Nutrition Formulas for Bodybuilding



The following is a general daily requirement for gaining weight and muscle.


In order to achieve these requirements, food is consumed every 3 hours in small portions.


Adding protein drinks and bars are normally added to the diet to achieve the numbers.


Minimum protein and calories, compound exercises, plus sufficient rest = weight and muscle gain





1.5 grams for each pound of body weight


Example: 150 pounds of body weight = 225 grams of protein





20 calories for each pound of body weight


Example: 150 pounds of body weight = 3,000 calories





0.5 grams for each pound of body weight


Example: 150 pounds of body weight = 75 grams of fat





2.1 grams for each pound of body weight


Example: 150 pounds of body weight = 315 grams of carbohydrates



Protein For Muscle Maintenance


0.8 to 1.2 grams for each pound of body weight


Example: 150 pounds of body weight = 120 to 180 grams of protein



Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Ratio


50% of calories from carbohydrates

30% of calories from protein

20% of calories from fats





Building Muscle on a Plant Based Diet - Robert Cheeke



Nutrition Calculators



Calories for Bodybuilding


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Hey, Arion.

Many thanks for your extensive input! I'll check out those books and resources and definitely will give it a go to those recipes! They look both tasty and healthy. As summer approaches, my diet tends to go downhill a bit with a little of junk foods every now and then, specially sweet treats (chocolate, baked goods)...

Anyway, I like to give myself a break from time to time, so my body responds better when I resume diet/training hard. I'm cutting some fat off with cardio, although I'm not following a strict diet in order to maximize fat loss. I'm a very casual bodybuilder, but will definitely go for more mass by the end of summer. This is why I'm trying new ways to train in order to maximize mass gains.

I'm going to check out those resources you've mentioned. Thanks!

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